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Top Ten Tuesday

by Megan

Time for another Top Ten list! Coming off from my Maine trip, today’s list will be: Top Ten Foods to Eat in Maine!

10. Amato’s

This is an Italian sandwich shop that sells much more than just delicious sandwiches. They sell pizza, pasta, and all things Italian, and they do it RIGHT. They took the place of a little restaurant I loved to eat at as a kid, but they won me over anyway. I had two meatball parmesan subs while in Maine this time, and they were the best I’ve ever had!

9. Whoopie Pies

A true Maine treat, this is two mini chocolate cakes held together by a creamy vanilla frosting in the center. Very tasty for chocolate cake lovers!

8. Wormwood’s

This is a small family-owned restaurant that sits right on the water in Old Orchard Beach, which I don’t think many people know about. I don’t think the place has been redone since the 70s or earlier, but it’s part of the charm. We go there for their out-of-this-world club sandwiches, which they make with sliced egg, and which they serve on their famous (to us) glass fish plates!

7. Mary’s Cookies

I forgot about these until we were in a little restaurant in Kennebunkport (see #6), but they are these huge soft chocolate chip cookies that are to die for, and which are only sold in the Kennebunks. I think I had four while I was there!

6. Old Salt’s Pantry/Aunt Marie’s/Clam Shack

These three I’m lumping together, because they are all little counter restaurants in Kennebunkport, and we hit up all three for one meal. Aunt Marie’s used to have the best cheeseburgers, which they no longer sell, but they are known for their freshly-squeezed lemonade, which is made with just the right balance of sweet/sour, and which I used to get on all my work breaks when I worked down there. Old Salt’s has great sandwiches and breakfast items, and we got delicious grilled cheeses from them while we were there. The Clam Shack is the place to go for seafood!

5. Chunky’s

It’s known as Smitty’s now, but it’ll always be Chunky’s to me. We didn’t get a chance to go there this time, but it’s a movie theatre/restaurant which has tables with super comfy individual seats (think captains’ chairs from minivans). Their food is amazing, and who doesn’t want to watch a movie with a full meal service?!

4. D’Angelos

Another sandwich shop that I love because they make a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich that is so delicious. I got two while we were there. This is a chain that goes up and down the East coast, but isn’t found in the west!

3. The Bagelry

This is actually in New Hampshire, and it is where I worked my first two years of college. They make their own bagels on site, and they are amazing. Even more amazing are the add-ons. I like to get a french toast bagel, toasted, with two servings of cheddar cheese (not melted), with crispy bacon, and “super cheese” sauce. I also like to get a salt bagel, toasted, with turkey, garlic and herb cream cheese, and two servings of cheddar cheese (not melted). I also love their cinnamon chip muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and tortellini salad. I got all of the above, minus the cookie, on our last day before coming home. I bit into the bacon and cheese bagel and said, this is breakfast in heaven, every day, for sure.

2. Pier Fries/Bill’s Pizza

Two counter restaurants in downtown Old Orchard Beach- Pier Fries used to be located actually up on the pier, but now they are down on the main street. They sell fries by the cup, pint, or box, all day long, and they are best when completely doused in vinegar and covered in salt. Bill’s is right next door, and they serve delicious New York style slices or whole pizzas.

1. Pizza by Alex

A family-owned restaurant in Biddeford, Maine, EVERYONE local knows and loves this place. We had it 3 or 4 times during the 8 days we were there! They use an old brick oven, take only cash, and serve only one size of pizza- small. But the pizza is to die for. Even Daniel, who has only had it a handful of times, says it is the best pizza in the entire world. My order of choice is extra pepperoni, which I don’t get anywhere else, but it’s a must-have at Alex’s.

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