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Too cute

by Megan

I just have to post this because it’s too cute. Today Carter was just playing around in the living room, and he got out the box from the bookcase where we keep our Books of Mormon. He brought one over to me and said “want read this” but then I guess he got distracted and moved onto something else.

Next thing I know, he’s sitting on his knees on the carpet, saying “have prayer!” Once he saw that I was looking, he folded his arms, closed his eyes, and started to say his prayer (he pretty much always says the same thing). He knew he was being kind of silly, so he stopped halfway through and kind of rolled over on the carpet.

Then, he grabs the Book of Mormon again and brings it over to me and says, “Want find Jesus!” I thought that was pretty funny. I called Daniel over to tell him what Carter had said, and then Daniel helped Carter find the picture of Jesus.

What a silly little guy who clearly pays attention to everything we do! Good thing we work in a few good routines along with whatever else he’s picking up from us!!

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1 comment

Kadi January 8, 2011 - 11:59pm

He’s sooo smart and darn cute! Now is definitely the time to be careful about what he sees and hears because they remember everything!