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Today’s a Good Day

by Megan

It’s ALWAYS a good day when Vanessa’s morning nap lasts long enough for me to have some time to myself (this is when I let Carter watch Netflix!), do my Crossfit workout, take a super quick shower, and then have some more time to myself!

Here is me today:

I know, you love the terrible iPhone photo and also the look on my face. You are so nice. My poor, ancient, 6mp Canon point-and-shoot finally rolled over and died, so I have my eyes on a new version of the same camera! I love it because it snaps pictures SO FAST! And my kids move fast.
Well…that’s me. Eh. Truth be told, I’m carrying about 40 extra pounds, but today I feel great.
Want to know why?
Well, first of all, I’ve given birth to two totally awesome kids. I get to spend every day with them, and I cannot begin to explain how much I love them! They are both crazy cute and crazy smart!
I have a husband who works full time so that we can have a house and food and a car. He also cooks and cleans when I ask him to, and sometimes when I don’t.
I earned my bachelor’s degree, with two concentrations, when I was 20 years old, graduating summa cum laude, with honors. I also have a teaching certificate tucked away. Now, being primarily a SAHM, I can pick and choose the projects I take on, and only do what I love the most!
Chocolate cake exists. On my birthday I’m going to eat an entire Molten Chocolate Cake from Chilis.
Summer is approaching, and my “new” minivan has working AC (which is more than I can say for the car we were driving last summer).
I get to live in this awesome house! It’s small, but it’s plenty big enough for us, and I love it!
When I choose my clothes carefully, I can look great, and my parents recently gave me some money, and I went on a spree to Old Navy and got some new clothes that work!
Thanks for joining me for Megan’s Daily Affirmation. Come again tomorrow when I’ll tell you all the things that are wrong with me. Okay, I’m probably not going to do that.
Anyone else having a great day, “just because?”

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