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Thursday’s Theatre Thing: See Rock City

by Megan

…is back!

I know, I know, I said I was going to do this and haven’t in weeks? months? I do have a very good excuse, though! I haven’t been blogging about theatre, because I’ve been up to my neck IN THEATRE! But my show opened last weekend, so I finally have a little bit of free time! This week has been a beautiful thing!

I directed the show See Rock City & Other Destinations for Arizona Onstage Productions, and Daniel was music director and plays percussion in the pit. It has been a truly fabulous experience. I have never directed a professional show (most of what I have directed has been for kids or non-professionals). It was great for me because it gave me the chance to see if I had it in me. I’m happy to report that I think I do.

So it wasn’t a perfect process. The company’s Artistic Director did not want to hold auditions for the show, so it took a long time to get it cast to begin with, and not everyone in the cast is an experienced performer. One review of the show said there is no weak link in our cast, but that’s being pretty generous. At the same time, I am incredibly proud of everyone in the show. Some were fantastic to begin with, and others have grown throughout the process.

We’ve struggled with ticket sales and filling the seats, but our first weekend was more successful in that respect than we expected. We are still nervous for the last two weekends of the show, but we’ll just see what happens. We got one really good review, and hopefully that will draw people in.

We got three reviews, and the overall point of the reviewers was that there are serious flaws in the writing of the show. I don’t disagree with that, but at least that is something that was out of my hands. One reviewer said, “There is little to critique in Megan Tenney’s direction, and Daniel Tenney’s musical direction.” I couldn’t really have asked for more than that, for my first professional effort!

So overall I am very happy with the show. I hope that I get a chance to direct again in the future, but I’m okay if it’s not for awhile! The driving back and forth is too much, and I need some time to focus on other parts of my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

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