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This, too, shall pass away

by Megan

Well, I missed my second Thursday’s Theatre Thing, so looks like I can’t even handle two in a row! I’m going to blame it on being too busy with actually doing theatre! Oh well, I’ll remember for next week!

Today you get a little bit of wisdom!

When I was growing up, my gramma had this plaque in her bathroom that had a poem on it, and at the end of the poem it said, “Remember, this too shall pass away.”

That poem always struck me every time I read it. The idea is that whether you are having a wonderful, happy moment, or if you are struggling, the good and the bad both pass. So you should enjoy the good while it lasts, and hold on during the bad, because neither lasts forever.

I’ve heard that a popular Hebrew phrase, “Gam zeh ya’avor,” means the same thing.

Anyway, I think of that phrase often, and I think that, for me, it applies most importantly to being a mom.

The potty training will pass, as will the endless questions, as will the spitting up.

But so will the quiet moments cuddling with a sleeping newborn, so will the morning smiles of an infant so happy to see me, so will the little arms that give such strong hugs, and so will the little voices that say, “I wuv you, Mom!”

Today, find a moment to stop and cherish before it slips away.

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