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The Lovebug Collection

by Megan

We are getting down to the wire, as far as Christmas presents go, but I have one more “Megan Approved” post for you! If you have a little one on your list this season, The Lovebug Collection is the place to be for stocking stuffers and handmade gifts!

Monika, the shop’s owner and one of my blogging besties, was nice enough to send me a whole selection of goodies, including hair clippies for my little girl, a onesie and leg warmers for my little boy, and a headwrap for me!

Everything came in its own bag, with a cute labeled card that had instructions for care.

First I had Harrison model his baby leg warmers. They are adorable, warm (uh, duh), and perfect for diaper changing! No need to wrangle his pants off and back on, and his legs stayed warm (name of the game). They can also be used as arm warmers for older children. Monika has a huge selection of colors and patterns, and while most of them are only $7, many are on sale right now for only $4!

blue bows
lovebug bows

Vanessa got a pair of blue and a pair of pink hair bow clippies, which are oh-so-cute and oh-so-necessary to tame her crazy hair! Hair clip sets start at only $5, and she also sells gorgeous layered hair bows, also starting at $5!


Included in the package was a little something for Mama! This cute gingham headwrap looks great with any hairstyle. I didn’t get a full body picture, but I paired it with my red mocassin flats. I’m so not a red lipstick wearer, but I really felt like I needed it for this outfit! The Lovebug Collection has these fabric headbands in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Hard to choose a favorite!

harry onesie
harry onesie2

And lastly, Monika sent Harry this necktie onesie, which he rocked at church yesterday! Speaking of having a hard time choosing a favorite, just check out her selection of onesies. Turtles, trains, sailboats, rocket ships, anchors, ice cream, and so many more! I had to go with the necktie onesie so I could get this photo:

the boys
Love my guys!

The Lovebug Collection has lots to offer moms and kids in every season, but if you are thinking of getting a gift for someone for Christmas, you should definitely jump on it…like today. After today it may be too late to receive your order in time for Christmas, so check it out today!

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Samantha December 17, 2013 - 7:12am

I love “The Lovebug Collection”. So excited to be having a little one to buy adorable outfits for this spring.

Kristine Foley December 17, 2013 - 2:58pm

The cuteness is overwhelming! Love her shop!

Lauren December 18, 2013 - 8:12am

I love the bows! I have been looking for some since our baby was born with a ton of hair, but I haven’t found any I liked so far.