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The Holidays Have Arrived at Denny’s

by Megan

Whether you put up your Christmas tree on November 1st, or prefer your deck-the-halling to begin after Thanksgiving, I don’t think anyone will argue about the fact that Denny’s holiday menu is available now! I took my mom and Harrison to Denny’s this weekend to check out the delicious holiday-inspired dishes. I am a Denny’s ambassador and have been compensated for this post, and I’m happy to share my love of tasty food with you!


We were on our way to California to spend a day at the Disney parks and go to A Day Out With Thomas (trip report coming soon!), and we stopped in at Denny’s for dinner to break up our road trip.


The clear standout on the seasonal menu is the Rudolph Pancake Breakfast, inspired by the classic TV special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I will definitely have to visit again soon, because I know my two older kids would be all over this!


For those who crave all things pumpkin this time of year, there’s the Pumpkin Pecan Pie Pancake Breakfast, and Pumpkin Pancakes are also an option on the new Build Your Own Holiday Slam, along with Gouda-Apple Chicken Sausage.


You can also find the Gouda-Apple Chicken Sausage as part of the Holiday Harvest Skillet, for those of you ready for dinner, and if you’re ready for the BIG dinner, try the Holiday Turkey & Dressing Dinner.


And don’t forget dessert (the kids won’t let me)! Santa gave Denny’s his special recipe for Santa’s Milk & Cookies Shake, blended with real sugar cookies!


As always, we love Denny’s for their wide variety of selections on their menu and their superior kids’ menu options. Here in Phoenix, kids eat free on Tuesdays- check your local Denny’s to see if they offer the same!


Happy holiday eating!

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