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The Fastest Way to Fit

by Mallory

I know the fastest way to fit.

And NO, there are no “shortcuts” involved. You still have to put in some hard work, but if you want to get fit in the shortest amount of time (of course you do!), then read on!

The Fastest Way To Fit

You want to know the secret?

Ladies, you gotta lift weights. And I’m not talking about 1, 2, 3 lb weights. I’m talking heavy! Really heavy! And no, before you even go there, it will not make you look manly. It’ll actually make you look super duper hot.

If you want an example of what I mean when I say lifting will make you super hot, feel free to check out the Instagram accounts of these weightlifting ladies – Nikki Blackketter, Jenna Browne, and Amber Dawn Orton. Even just looking at those pictures right now makes me want to go lift something.

Before I go too much further, I want to introduce myself. I’m Mallory, I’m 24, and I might have a slight relation to the owner of this blog.

Epitome of Cool.

Spoiler alert – I’m her younger sister.

I’m not going to bore you with too many details of my life but the important thing is that September of 2014 was a huge turning point for me. In the years leading up to that point, I gained quite a bit of fat. I was at my heaviest I’d ever been in my life – 129/130 lbs, which might not seem like a lot, but for someone who measures just under 5 feet tall, it shows. I wanted to get in shape so badly but I had no idea how to achieve what I wanted. I met my weight-lifting boyfriend in September 2014, and through his encouragement and support, I somehow was able to get over my gym-timidation (#realword). Which was a huge deal, because prior to that, gyms were a big trigger for my social anxiety button (which is why I never before had a gym membership in my life).

This used to be the most terrifying, uninviting place to me. Now I see it as a second home!

But he convinced me to come and work out with him, and although I had no idea what I was doing, I did it anyway. My first weight-lifting encounter was mostly a blur of barbells, dumbbells, benches of various inclines, and me trying not to accidentally kill myself by dropping a weight on my face.

But I made it out alive. And shockingly? I kind of enjoyed it. I enjoyed the challenge of trying something I had never done before. So I made the resolve to continue being his gym partner, and to soak up everything I could in order to improve. And I had fun doing it.

Then the results started to show. Little by little, but they showed nonetheless!

Took this pic in December 2014, after only 3 months of heavy weight training – I had never before seen abs on myself in my life!

Once I started to see results, there was no stopping me. It became addicting! In 3 months, I was down 20 pounds. Down to a weight I hadn’t seen since my first year of college! And the best part is, I wasn’t sweating through hours and hours of mindless cardio, and I wasn’t on some sort of special diet. I was building lean muscle mass by challenging my body and lifting weights, and my body loved me for it.

Left: June 1st, 2014
Right: February 1st, 2015

Since then, I’ve progressed exponentially by continuing to lift heavy weights, being conscious of my food choices, and even doing the occasional cardio session. The body of my dreams is so much more attainable than I ever, ever imagined it would be. I’m even sold on the idea of competing in a physique competition sometime next year, and I’d love to become a certified personal trainer someday soon.

Hello, yes that’s me. Squattin’ it low.

So I want to share my newfound knowledge with as many women as I can. What better audience than my sister’s super cool blog?! As far as my future contributions go, you can look forward to more posts covering various fitness-related topics – mythbusting, recipes, workout tips, etc – with an emphasis on weight training and how you can use it to create the body you’ve always dreamed of.

I’m super excited to announce that next week I’ll be sharing my workout routine with you! Monday through Friday (April 13-17), I’ll be posting the specific workout I followed to begin building the body of my dreams, so you can follow along on the fastest way to fit! Each day focuses on weight training for a different part of the body. Some exercises might be familiar to you, some might be completely new, but I will try my best to walk you through it so you can feel as comfortable doing it as I eventually became.

Head to the first workout now!

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