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That’s What They Said

by Megan

Carter: “You know what? I love you.”
Me: “Yay!”
Carter: “Yay is right.”

Me: “Vanessa, you’re such a smarty pants.”
Vanessa: (sing songy) “No NO no, I’m a BAby!”

Carter: “Sometimes I get ear inflections when I hear loud things.”

Vanessa: “Happy birthday…!”
Carter: “It’s not my birthday.”
Vanessa: “…to you!”
Carter: “I’m already four. I had a birthday a long time ago. Don’t you understand English?”

Carter: “Vanessa always gives me lots of hugs. And she always gives me a kiss to go with it. It’s kind of like ‘If You Give A Dog a Doughnut!'”

Vanessa: “Hands!”
Me: “Carter, she wants to hold hands.”
Carter: “Sorry, my hand is closed for business.”

Carter, as the angel speaking to the shepherds: “Don’t be afraid. Good news! Baby Jesus is born! He’s just around this corner, follow me!”

Daniel: “Knock knock.”
Carter: “Who’s there?”
Daniel: “Banana.”
Carter: (laughs hysterically)

Me: “No we don’t keep trash, we throw trash away.”
Carter: “Yeah well I hided some trash from you under the big couch.”
Me: “Well now I know where it is!”
Carter: “No you don’t, because I didn’t tell you which couch!”
Me: “Yes, you did! You said the big couch!”
Carter: “Well actually it isn’t under the couches.”

It was.

Me: “Vanessa, want to kiss the baby?”
Vanessa: (kisses my tummy)
Carter: “I want to kiss him!” (hesitates) “Where’s his mouth?”

Me: “Move over.”
Carter: “Your mom moves over.”

Me: “This is music from the 90s. You weren’t born yet.”
Carter: “Were the dinosaurs there?”
Me: “…no.”

Me: “Vanessa, sometimes you’re fussy and then happy and then fussy again, and sometimes you turn into a kitty. Sometimes you’re Super Nessa, and I just don’t know what to expect!”
Vanessa: “Meow.”

Carter: “Why can’t I have a cough drop?”
Me: “Because they’re not for little kids.”
Carter: “Am I a little kid?”
Me: “Yes, you’re a little kid.”
Carter: “Well then I’ll just sit on you.”

Daniel (to Carter): “You know what my favorite part of our new van is?”
Carter: “What?”
Daniel: “You!”
Carter: “My favorite part is that my door slides open.”

Carter: “Vanessa is soooo cute, I will never stop loving her.”

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Kristine Foley May 18, 2013 - 6:20am

SO CUTE! I haven’t done one of these FOREVER! Thanks for the reminder! Love that you got these documented!

Kristine –The Foley Fam {unedited}

April @ 100lb Countdown May 18, 2013 - 4:06pm

Way too cute! Your kids are adorable!