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Taking Time with Cereal con Cariño

by Megan

I don’t have a ton of memories of breakfast when I was growing up. My parents worked opposite schedules when I was young. Dad worked nights, he came home and went right to bed. My mom worked downtown, so she had to leave early in the morning. My brother and I usually fed ourselves before heading to school. Cereal and instant oatmeal were usually what we scarfed down to start the day.  But, when Sunday hit, we were treated with something extra special…usually a huge breakfast with pancakes, eggs and bacon!

Breakfast can be a great time to connect with your family. Keep it simple and try "Cereal con Carino!" (ad) https://ooh.li/13d496e

My husband on the other hand, was partially raised by his Mexican grandmother. His Abuela would make tortillas, eggs, chilequiles, migas, arroz con leche and various other delicious breakfasts for the family. Thankfully, my husband is also an excellent student and he learned everything he could from his grandmother. I am so grateful for her teaching him how to cook!

When I became a mom, I wanted to do everything the “textbook way.” A hearty breakfast is the best way to start the day…at least that’s what I was always told. But, as more littles entered our family, things got more hectic and schedules became so full that sometimes something quick and easy is all we can manage on a weekday. When the weekend hits, we are usually make something big…like chorizo and eggs. So, I ended up carrying on a tradition of a big Sunday breakfast for my family without even realizing it!


We really put a ton of pressure on ourselves as moms to always have elaborate meals, crafts and activities for our kids. But sometimes, simple and fast is best! Really, this is one of the reasons I love cereal soooo much! It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s yummy. My youngest to my oldest will eat it. Even my husband will have a bowl, especially when he wants a little something sweet! And you know what else? It’s perfectly okay to pour the kids a bowl of cereal for breakfast! Sometimes we need to just pour a bowl of cereal and sit down with the kids.


Check out how some of my kids (the older 2 have long since headed off to school) and myself, eat cereal in the mornings! (Disclaimer: I eat cereal from the box as I go, so you won’t see me in the video!)

General Mills created Cereal con Cariño to help make moms feel good about serving cereal for breakfast. I asked my husband what Cariño meant, and he said it basically meant love and a loving caress. I really love the meaning…we can serve cereal with a side of us! We get to give our kids the attention and affection that they need and want.


Make sure to visit the Cereal con Cariño website to grab some coupons for your favorite General Mills cereals!


Cereal con Cariño is not the only way we can “demonstrar cariño” (or show affection) to our kids on a daily basis! Here are a couple more ideas!

  • Leave a note in their lunch telling them how much you love them!
  • Words are always important! Tell them!
  • Join them at their school for lunch
  • Make sure you attend any special things at school. For some moms this is super easy, but let me tell you…it’s hard when you have a ton!
  • Take your kids individually on a date. It can be for ice cream, to the park, to the movies…anything where it’s one-on-one time

General Mills wants moms everywhere to take time and “demonstrar cariño” to our loved ones. They have created a 4 part video series featuring El Guzi. Now you may not know who he is yet, but let me tell you, his unique recipes and fun personality make these videos super fun. The entire Que Rica Vida website is full of amazing stuff!

Visit the Cereal con Cariño website to check out more videos! There are also some awesome recipes you can try with your family from all over Latin America! Here are some that I can’t wait to make:


No Bake Cereal Bars


Mango Salted Caramel Cheerios


Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast

How do you “demonstrar cariño to your kids?

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