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Teach Kids How to Help Other Kids this Holiday Season

by Megan

Grateful for our health this holiday season, we are teaching our kids how they can help those less fortunate. We are helping to Tackle Kids Cancer!

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You never expect to be in the hospital on Christmas. Well a few years back, that’s exactly where I found myself.

The night before, Christmas Eve, went according to plan. I put kids to bed, filled stockings, set out “Santa” presents, and got everything ready for the next morning. Then the sickness hit.

After being miserably sick for most of the night, I decided to drive myself to the emergency room. Around 5am I texted my husband to say, “I hope I’m not waking you up, but I’m in the hospital…”

Long story short, Christmas morning was postponed a bit until I was given the go-ahead to go home and rest there.

My illness was a minor one, but that’s not the case for everyone. This holiday season, my kids and I are working with Tackle Kids Cancer, to help raise funds for pediatric cancer research, in the hopes of finding a cure.

At a time of year when most kids are focused on their present wish lists, I want my kids to be grateful for something you can’t get wrapped in a box- their health! I also want to teach them that even they can do something to make a difference.

kids can help tackle kids cancer

Childhood cancer is the number one cause of death by disease in children, and only 4% of government cancer funding is directed toward pediatric cancer. Every donation makes a difference!

Reading the stories of these kids who have gone through so much was eye-opening! Can you imagine being diagnosed with such a serious disease, before you can even understand what’s happening to you?

little ones learn by example

One of the kids featured by Tackle Kids Cancer, Natalie Grace, reminded me so much of my daughter, Vanessa. Natalie fought cancer at a young age, and now is a happy, giggly little girl, full of life. Her big sister, Hannah (just a little girl herself) supported Natalie by shaving off her hair (twice!) while Natalie was going through treatment.

If you’re looking for a way to give back this holiday season, and especially if you want to show your kids the importance of helping others, consider making a donation to Tackle Kids Cancer.

Hopefully, a cure will be found soon, and more kids can be home and healthy for the holidays!

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