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Surviving the Terrible Twos

by Megan

My littlest child is two, and boy does he let us know it! I don’t remember the “terrible twos” being so “terrible” with my first two children, but Harrison is giving us a run for our money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m head over heels in love with the little bugger, but he’s taken it upon himself to try my patience from breakfast to bedtime.

I decided to take it to Facebook to get some advice, and my mom friends did not disappoint. Read on for their advice and some of my own, for how to love and live with a headstrong two-year-old!

A guide to surviving the Terrible (and terrific) Twos, from moms who've been there! #MyHuggiesBaby #ad

Harrison is a sweet little boy with the best mischievous smile. He loves to say our names (“Mom’s back! Dad, ‘Essa, Carter, ‘Ama, ‘Ampa!”). He’s obsessed with Disney’s Cars, but he also loves Thomas the Tank Engine, Mickey Mouse, and Paw Patrol. He loves to play in the backyard, digging in the dirt, and racing his cars all around. He’s skilled on the iPad and can recognize most of his letters.

Harrison also refuses to hold my hand in parking lots, compulsively takes off his shoes, is never happy with his meal options, throws random fits, annnnnd he’s started taking his diapers off… Usually after he’s “used” them. More about that later (aren’t you excited?).


So I thought I’d see what kind of advice my mom friends could give, after having experienced the “terrible twos” themselves. Many responses had a snide tone (“Wait until they are 3…5…7…a teenager, etc!”), but there was also some very sound advice that I’d love to share!

Surviving The Terrible Twos

First, remember that your little one is TWO!

Christine: Well, I always have to tell myself that they are just being a two year old. They aren’t bent on destroying me (or everything they touch). Also, put everything away that you want to have again…if you leave it out, it’s your fault. Kids are kids!

Crystal: Pick your battles. Not everything is worth an argument/fight. Learn to let some things go.

Help them communicate with you.

Vanessa: Teach your child baby sign language! It has helped us reduce temper tantrums due to lack of communication.

Dana: Agree! Huge fan. We used the Signing Times videos and they were awesome.

Give them an outlet to express their strong emotions.

Trudy: One thing that we did that saved my sanity and still allowed my drama mama to express herself was a “whining chair.” She could go make all the noise she wanted at the wall and when she was done, we could have a conversation.

Leila: I ignore her tantrums. She has had to be removed from public locations and sit in the car with an adult if she doesn’t stop her tantrum.

Make it clear what you expect from them.

Kate: Consistency.

Me: We have him repeat words or small phrases such as “Okay Mom” and “Time for bed” so he understands the behavior and actions we are expecting of him.

Take a break.

Laura: Get a good bathroom door lock so you can hide from them when needed. Also a chocolate stash!

Mandy: Hide and pray it ends quickly.


April: Feed your children sugar and bribe them with cuddles and kisses! (I want to go to April’s house!)

Pass the buck.

Katelyn: Use my three favorite words. “Go see Daddy!”


(And if all else fails, send him to Gramma’s house!)

Sharon (a.k.a. Harry’s Gramma): Harry is perfect! He’s a very, very smart little boy. He’s only two, but as smart as most four year olds. He’s as cute as they come, and very sweet. Signed, Harry’s grandparents!


Everything is more fun at Gramma’s house…

Diaper Duty

So I promised more about Harrison’s diaper escapades… He has begun to notice when he has gone in his diaper, and he responds by taking off his diaper! Sometimes, as my husband found out, he then plays in the mess he made, wiping it all over himself, his toys, and the walls! You’re welcome for not having a photo to go along with that story…

Luckily we’ve found that keeping pants on him at all times (more layers to work through), and repeating the words “diaper on” have helped. Also, we use Huggies Little Movers, which are great for active little ones who are always on the go.


The Little Movers feature a DryTouch® liner which absorbs wetness on contact, Double Grip Strips and a SnugFit waistband for a comfy fit, and Leak Lock Protection for up to 12 hours! They are made with active little ones in mind!

We got our big pack at Sam’s Club, where we love to go for our bulk items, to stock up on necessities!


Whether you are struggling through the terrible twos, the thunderous threes, the frightening fours, or beyond, know that your little ones love you, they really are pretty great, and there’s always a bedtime around the corner!


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Laura December 14, 2015 - 11:04pm

What great ideas!! I love the sign language one! we’ve started doing that with Adleigh and she is actually picking up on it. Still getting lots of screeching! ha! But effort, right?!

Sarah February 6, 2016 - 6:23pm

I came to this post because I’m dealing with almost all of these things now, with my 16 month old. He’s trying to grow up to fast. Especially the diaper taking off. Thank you for the lack of picture there, haha. Today I was changing out laundry and looked up to see him standing in the doorway all sass like, in nothing but his Ninja Turtle Pajama shirt…LOL.

Boys! *sigh* My 5 year was no where near this “bad”. But I liked the advice the other mama’s gave…they are kids.

Speaking now: he’s currently trying to stick a toy in the light socket.

Megan February 7, 2016 - 9:09am

Haha, yep been there. Just the other day my husband and I were discussing the things we dealt with, with our two boys, that we never had to deal with, with our daughter!