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Sun Care at Whole Foods

by Megan

Last week, Phoenix-area bloggers were invited to Whole Foods Market Paradise Valley, for a tour of the store and an opportunity to try out new sun care and beauty products. They have sponsored this post so that I can share the information I learned with you!

Several of us bloggers from Surprise piled into one car and drove over to the event. I even brought baby Harry with me!


Right inside the door we were greeted with beautiful live music. Very classy, Whole Foods! The store is very inviting, pleasing on the eyes, and I basically wanted to eat everything I saw and smelled.


I was also impressed with the prices. I always had the impression that Whole Foods was way out of my grocery budget, but I found that many of the items I buy regularly were priced comparably to the stores I normally shop at.

After our tour, we ended up right in the middle of the store, in their sun & skin care center. Sun care is not to be taken lightly here in Phoenix, where it’s already well over 100 degrees in mid May! You do not want to be out in the hot sun for any length of time, without the proper protection for your skin.

There were four different stations where brand representatives were telling us all about their products and how they utilize ingredients that are good and safe for our bodies.


We learned about the scale of sunscreen toxicity ratings, and how brands like Goddess Garden are using the safest ingredients on the list, such as zinc oxide, for sun protection.

A lot of people have questions about sun safety, such as “How often do I need to reapply my sunscreen?” or “What the heck does SPF stand for?” Check out the poster below for answers to those questions and more.


We left the store with some fantastic products to try out for ourselves and our families. Here are some of them:


And here’s the exciting part: if you want to try these brands for yourself, Whole Foods is having a major sale on sun care products! From May 23rd (holla! #birthday #30 #old) until May 26th, sun care products will be 30% off. That is a major deal. I think we all know that sun care isn’t cheap, and it’s something we all need! So take advantage!

No more sunburns for these West Side gals!
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