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Comfortable and Stylish Travel Clothes

by Megan

Have you ever had to go straight from a long trip, directly to an important meeting, party, or another event? So you drive all day in your most comfortable clothes (which, to be honest, sometimes make you look like a hobo), then pull behind the gas station a mile away from your event, to change into something a little more appropriate?

I know we’ve all changed in the car before. Awkward! Plus, nothing good ever happened behind a gas station. But ladies, you don’t have to hang out back there anymore, because today we’re bringing comfort and style together.

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This post was sponsored by Prana.

Last weekend I attended the Mom 2.0 Summit conference, held in Pasadena this year. This is one of my favorite conferences because of all of the swag really meaningful conversations about womanhood and online business. It’s three days of presentations, networking, and some great parties.

And, of course, it’s always held at the swankiest hotel around.

I drove to Pasadena from the Phoenix area, and since I’m too cheap to pay for an extra night in the hotel, I wanted to arrive right as the first session of the conference began. So what I clearly needed was an outfit that was comfortable enough to drive in for six hours, but stylish and sleek enough to walk into one of the fanciest hotels in southern California.

As much as I wanted to show up in my sweatpants, I thought it was best to leave those safely in my suitcase for when I was behind closed doors.

Let’s be honest, “closed doors” = robe, room service, and Jeff Probst

So how do we avoid that awkward, behind-the-gas-station, shimmy-out-of-my-sweats-and-hope-nobody-is-watching moment? Simple. We #TravelprAna.

prAna is an activewear and casual clothing brand owned by Columbia, and many of their versatile pieces can go from yoga mat to business meeting.

Yes, you can travel in comfort and arrive in style.

Hair, done. Soda, obtained. Living my best life!

I chose to travel in prAna’s Mantra Pant and Constellation Tee. Both items are so soft and lightweight, and just felt good on my skin. prAna is known for using 100% organic cotton in their clothing, and you can feel the difference!

I did have to chop about 4 inches off the Mantra Pant, but that’s just what you do when you are fun-sized. The elastic waistband was a relief for this mama, and the bottoms have a hint of a flare that is so flattering. The Constellation Tee has some ruching at the shoulders and enough detail to make it more than “just a shirt.” Both items can travel all day with no wrinkles!

More than just a clothing company, prAna offers organic, hemp, sustainable, and fair trade items, with the goal of “protecting our environment and inspiring the adventurous spirit.”

If you’re hitting the road this summer and want to travel in comfort but arrive in style, give prAna a try! Get yourself some stylish travel clothes and hit the road! And don’t go behind the gas station.

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