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Stripes and Paisley!

by Megan

I love stripes. I love paisley. I do not usually pair them together!

BUT, I bought this skirt at Old Navy and nothing, I repeat, NOTHING goes with it! The “blue” is not really blue, and the “white” is not really white, so it’s impossible to match. I’m thinking I’ll need to just wear a yellow or red shirt with this skirt most of the time.

That being said, I actually really like this combination, with the paisley shirt! I could see myself wearing this…well, somewhere! I am not super adventurous with clothing, but this could work. Maybe it should be a challenge for me to take a picture of myself wearing this outfit out in public somewhere!

Thanks Elaine, for the rule-breaking suggestion!

Skirt- Old Navy
Top- Kohls
Shoes- Cents of Style

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