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Stock Up: Couponing Tips

by Megan

I’ve been couponing since April, and I’ve acquired a pretty decent little stockpile. I thought I’d share it with you today, along with a few couponing tips.

The middle shelf here is my main stockpile. I’ve got lightbulbs, air fresheners, nail clippers, toothpaste, deodorant, hand soap, baby wash, shampoo, and body wash, among other things! Health care items are the easiest items to get for free!

Couponing doesn’t have to be extreme, but it does take a little bit of organization and planning.

1. Get a newspaper subscription that includes the SmartSource and Red Plum inserts.

This was hard for me at first, because I couldn’t get a newspaper subscription where I lived. I had it delivered to my parents’ house, and I picked it up whenever I was there. Now my paper is dropped off very early every Sunday morning, right on my driveway! Not all papers carry these inserts, so find out which paper in your area does!


2. Keep your inserts together and mark them with the date (found on the insert’s spine).

This is my lovely little coupon box with all my inserts.

I also keep folders in there for loose coupons, as well as a pair of scissors and a marker.

3. Find a couponing website you like (mine is The Krazy Coupon Lady) and check every Sunday for that week’s deals.

I like The Krazy Coupon Lady for several reasons.

-Her site is set up like a blog, and every Sunday she posts the best deals of the week under her “Deals” label. Every Wednesday (under the same label) she posts the deals she bought that week. Those are my go-to posts to decide which deals I’m going to get.
-She marks really good deals with a little icon, and free or almost-free deals with another little icon, so it’s easy to scan the list to see what to go for.
-She includes detailed explanations for how to use coupons at each store (policies can vary widely!).
-I usually just scan for the good deal icons, but the site is comprehensive and lists every coupon and every deal at every store!

4. Choose the deals you want to get, print or clip the coupons, and go get ’em!

I copy and paste all the deals I want to get into a notepad file and print it out. Then I make sure I have all the coupons I need. I either clip them from my inserts, or I print them online. Then I keep them organized in envelopes marked for each store.

Here’s some more of my stockpile:

Need a pad?? I got most of these for free, and the rest were 50 cents or less per package.

House can never smell too good, right?!

Toothpaste! All free or mostly free!

Painkillers and other health items, free or close to it!

And here is my latest couponing haul:

The Method bathroom cleaner was on sale for $2.89, and I used two coupons for $1 off each (a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon) making it $0.89. And everything else was free. The heartburn spray (which I’m excited to try out next time I’m pregnant, since I get bad heartburn…maybe “excited” isn’t the right word) cost $10, but I received a $10 register reward which I can use next time I shop there (Walgreens), so it’s like getting it for free.

Couponing really isn’t hard. If you use a couponing website, they do all the hard work for you! Let me know if you have any questions; I’d love to help you become an extreme totally reasonable couponer!

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Kendall September 7, 2012 - 1:11pm

I love couponing too! I check Hip2save.com – it’s my favortie site and I check it daily, no joke. I love all of the deals you can get just by taking the time to clip a coupon. It helps out so much in the long run. $1 here – $2 there. It really makes a difference!
Thanks for sharing your stash!!

Andi September 7, 2012 - 10:57pm

just reading your article – there is such a thing as “normal” extreme couponing (OK, so I coined the term….. :D) – check it out for yourself at http://www.couponblessingsnow.com !

Megan September 8, 2012 - 3:09am

this is awesome!! i really want to start couponing but don’t know where to start. thanks for the great tips!!

AndreaBai @ Glam Hungry Mom September 8, 2012 - 1:09pm

I love couponing! I got away from it for a little bit when I went back to work, but now I’m a SAHM. Hopefully I can get back into my stockpile groove. How many newspapers do you get?

your newest follower


The Sexy Single Mommy September 9, 2012 - 9:23pm

I have wanted to start doing couponing. Maybe this will give me the motivation. I found you on the Friday Chaos Hop and I am a new follower. Come on by and say hello. http://THESEXYSINGLEMOMMY.net/

Jazmine G. September 9, 2012 - 11:42pm

I’ve wanted to start cuponing since I’m a SAHM but I don’t even know how to start lol

jo n March 13, 2013 - 2:31am

I was the coupon queen before it was popular. The local grocery stores took expired coupons back then and I did quite well. I do not like shopping, but I do like playing games. I had to make couponing into a game or I probably wouldn’t have gone to the grocery. I had 3 small tool boxes filled with expired coupons. Too bad they no longer take the expired coupons, I would probably still be doing it today. Now, it’s very minimal which is fine since my children are now grown and we don’t need as much.

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