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Stay Motivated By Streaking

by Megan

…no, not that kind of streaking.

I recently downloaded the app “7 Weeks.” It’s a habit tracking app, where I can enter in my goals and then keep track of how many days in row I was able to complete them. For this app, the goal is 7 weeks (hence the name), but there are lots of habit tracking apps out there, all with their own little quirks.

I like “7 Weeks” for it’s simplicity. Not a lot of bells and whistles- I just set up my goals and check off each day that I complete them! I decided to start off with just one goal (No Coke!) and add on others once my goals became habits. I’m now 11 days Coke-free!


I’m a very competitive person, so having this challenge of continuing a streak is really motivating to me. Once I had a few days of momentum, I just wanted to keep going!

So if you think that you would be motivated by a “streaking app” (my term), hit up the app store and see what you find!


Today I talked about how keeping track of your goal streak can help you to continue to work toward your goal. Who wants to erase progress?!

So the challenge for Day 24 of “Baby Steps to a Better You” is to start recording! It doesn’t matter what you write down, but start keeping track of something. If you like the idea of the habit tracking apps, then go for one of those. If not, start recording a metric each day- calories consumed, hours slept, pounds weighed, etc.

Simply keeping track of your progress can help you immensely on your way to reaching your goal. And then you can look back and see just how far you’ve come!

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Julie @ Girl on the Move September 25, 2015 - 12:54pm

I’m a huge fan of streaks! In fact today’s run was day 203 of my current running streak!

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