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Stay Fit Sunday #9

by Megan
Welcome to Stay Fit Sunday!

Well I hope you have enjoyed Stay Fit Sunday over the past two months. Monika and I have decided to put this link-up to rest for a while. We will both still be regularly blogging about fitness and our goals, though, so feel free to comment and share your posts with us in the future!
The past week has been a little disappointing, I guess you could say. First of all, I didn’t succeed in Julie’s #tenpoundsbytenten. I’m not sure if anyone did- I haven’t heard. Of course the most important thing is that people were inspired to get healthier, but I was still discouraged to have not lost all ten pounds. I did lose 7, and I’ve been stuck at that weight for at least two weeks now.
This week was detox with Revolt, so I was hoping to lose, but considering the binge I went on last weekend, I guess I should just be thankful that I made it back down to where I was last week. I’m just going to keep working, try to be better with food, and hopefully this will be the week I break through my current plateau.
On the Revolt 12 in 12 challenge, we take photos every Saturday morning, and this morning I cried. It’s hard enough to be unhappy with your body, but it’s much harder to have to photograph it and look at it!
I have been going back and fixing old blog posts (mostly the size of the photos), and this week I was reading posts from about 3-4 months after having Vanessa. In some of those posts I wrote about some of the exact thoughts and feelings I’ve been having lately with this struggle, so maybe I’m still in the throes of the postpartum period.
Anyway, tomorrow is always a chance to do better, and as long as I’m doing what I should, then I will break through this rut. It’s just a matter of time!
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