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Build-Your-Own Snowman Ice Cream

by Megan

This time of year, all eyes are pointed toward Arizona while the whole country wonders how we’ll make it through the difficult winter. I mean, taking my son to school this morning it was so cold! I didn’t actually wear long sleeves, but I wished I had! The temperature was 43 degrees…approaching somewhere in the distant realm of almost sort of freezing!

When the weather is this frigid and miserable, there’s only one thing to do. Go out! After seeing the new Disney movie Frozen last week, I wanted to have a Frozen-themed dinner with “Build-Your-Own Snowman Ice Cream” for dessert.

Snowman Ice Cream, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias

But we had to get some supplies first! So Vanessa, Gramma, and I braved the treacherous roads to Walmart. Vanessa was excited and had her heart set on getting an Olaf stuffy. Except she calls him “Frozen.” As in, “Mom, I want to see Fwozen!” which she yelled halfway through the movie.

Understandable, since I’m not sure she actually truly understands what a snowman is. The girl has only seen snow maybe twice in her life and never enough to make any sort of snow creature.

First stop was Subway, where we got a Frozen-themed kids meal, which came with a Frozen bag and puzzle.

Subway FreshFit Kids Meal, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias

Then we checked out the Frozen merchandise. The movie is super popular, and a lot of the toys have sold out! But we were lucky enough to find an Anna doll, a coloring book and reader, and a “busy book” which came with tiny characters and other things from the movie: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven the Reindeer, Olaf the Snowman, the sleigh, and more!

FROZEN Walmart Toys, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias
FROZEN books from Walmart, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias

And then I managed to find the last two “pull-apart” Olaf toys, and I was able to hide them from Vanessa for a special surprise later on!

Pull-Apart Olaf Toy from Walmart, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias
Olaf Toy at Walmart plus sleeping baby (not for sale)

A quick stop through the food aisles, and then we were ready to pick up Carter from school and get ready for our dinner and dessert! While they waited for dinner, Carter and Vanessa fought over played with the tiny characters, reenacting stories from the movie. I told them if they were really good, they would get a special surprise!

FROZEN busy book from Walmart, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias
FROZEN busy book characters, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias

What better way to warm up from the cold Phoenix weather than to serve tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches?!

FROZEN style dinner, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias

We enjoyed the meal as a family, and then it was time for “Build Your Own Snowman Ice Cream!”

Build-Your-Own Snowman Ice Cream, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias

Mom “rolled up” the snow (vanilla ice cream) with an ice cream scoop, and then they got bowls of chocolate chips, pretzels, mini marshmallows, and orange Mike & Ike’s to put together their snowman.

Building an Ice Cream Snowman, #FrozenFun, #shop #cbias

The fun part of this activity is that you have to build and eat your snowman before he melts, like Olaf almost did in Frozen! The kids loved it! And since they kept their promise to be good…

They got their stuffed Olaf toys!

It was the perfect “Frozen” Arizona day!

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Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly January 10, 2014 - 9:47am

What a fun idea! I bet your kiddos loved it! I need to do more “cool mom” things. ;)

Kelly @eclecticmommy January 10, 2014 - 2:33pm

Great finds. I love how you brought a little cold to our unseasonably warm weather we have here in AZ.

Sara @ Mom Endeavors January 13, 2014 - 8:45pm

How cute is your daughter?! Adorable! Looks like you found some great toys and I love your #FrozenFun night amidst the unseasonably warm (I mean “chilly” ;) ) Phoenix weather! ;) #Client

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