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Sneek-A-Boos: A New Halloween Tradition

by Megan

If you’re a fan of Halloween and like to celebrate all October long, then you’ll be excited to meet my new friend, Boo the Bat!


Boo the Bat is the star of a new product called Sneek-A-Boos. Much like the Christmas Elf on the Shelf, Boo shows up each morning, bringing either a “trick” or a “treat!”

Kids and parents will love this new Halloween tradition. Boo brings the fun of Halloween to the season, without any of the scariness!

Sneek-A-Boos was created by Mindy Haering, after experiencing the loss of a baby, halfway through her pregnancy. She and her family needed something to lift their spirits through the holiday season, and so Boo the Bat and the Sneek-A-Boos tradition was born.

Boo comes in a cute cardboard cottage box, with a poem on the back that explains how he doesn’t move during the day, but at night he may come out and get into some mischief!


Not only did the Haerings turn their grief into something positive, they also teamed up with The Shamba Foundation, a 501(c)3 non profit organization and orphanage/school in Kenya, dedicated to helping abandoned children get education, shelter, food, and love they need for a better future. A portion of their profits go to the foundation.


Boo is already causing mischief at our house. His first “trick” was to replace the smiling sun in Melody’s play gym with…himself!


The big kids love Boo! They are having fun putting him in different places around the house but only Mom knows what Boo does at night! Actually big brother (he’s 8) might take over as Boo’s handler, as he loves the idea of setting up tricks and treats for his younger siblings!


There’s still lots of time before Halloween, plenty of time for Boo the Bat to bring tricks, treats, and joy to your home!

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