Small Master Bedroom Ideas

by Megan

2. Organize

My guess is that you have three places in your room which accumulate “stuff.” Your nightstand, dresser, and closet. Ideally, all of these places would be neat, organized, and with just the essentials. But it’s a reality that things can get cluttered, and sometimes we have to store things that we aren’t using but need to keep.

Instead of letting things pile up in all of these places- consider establishing one area for “extras.” When that area gets filled up, it’s time to go through those things and purge!

Organizing Your Nightstand

So let’s start with the nightstand. What do you need on a nightstand? Nothing right? Okay maybe a few things, but JUST a few things.


Mine has a lamp (necessity), a fan (personal must-have), tissues, and my phone (only at night while it charges). I do, however, have two drawers in my nightstand, and while I don’t let them get overcrowded, that is my place to put things that don’t really have a place of their own, such as cords and some notebooks.

My nightstand has a little phone cord holder on the side that I stuck on, and it keeps my cord ready for when I plug in my phone at night. In the morning I unplug and let the cord hang between my nightstand and bed, out of sight.


Organizing the Top of Your Dresser

Another place that attracts clutter is the top of the dresser. Unless you have a better system, this may be the place where you store all of your jewelry, hair products, jewelry, etc! The top of your dresser is a good place for some things, but you don’t want to let it get so messy that you can’t get to what you need.

I use a plastic container with drawers (far left in the photo below) for all of my jewelry and a couple of cute, colorful boxes for nail polish and lotions. My hair accessories all fit into or around a formula can that I used a textured spray paint on, and then I got this cute acrylic organizer for all of my cosmetics. It keeps everything I need in one place, and it’s right next to my mirror.


Now, if you took my advice and did some purging of your clothes, then your dresser drawers should be just as organized and neat as the top of your dresser. There’s something about a tidy dresser that makes me very happy!

Organizing Your Closet

Now onto the closet!


Closets come in all shapes and sizes (and a big walk-in closet is probably #1 on my list of requirements for our next house). My current closet has some depth, so you can walk into it, but it’s not a small room like some closets are.

As you can see above, I used one of my shelves to hang all of my scarves (I’ve since purged more than half of them!). That was a great way to use the air space since I didn’t need the hanging space for more clothes.

I did need more shelf space, so I got a shelf extender from The Container Store, as well as some shelf liner. I put the shelf liner on the existing shelf (with a little cardboard underneath for extra support, and put the shelf extender on top.


Another tip is to place the things you’ll need where you’ll need them. I have some clothes that can’t go in the washer, so I keep Febreeze in my closet (rather than with other cleaning supplies) for when those clothes need freshening up.

One more organizing tip- if you’re a skirt-hoarder like me, and sick of your skirt hangers getting tangled up, you’ll love these swing-arm skirt hangers from The Container Store! I bought five of them. They make them for pants as well. Perfect way to store lots of clothes in a small area.


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Leila May 16, 2015 - 11:53am

I need to clean and organize and purge our room so bad! It’s awful!

I love those new Kleenex boxes! Those would go great in my home and out of home office space – liven it up a little bit!

Kate May 16, 2015 - 4:54pm

Great ideas! When I updated our master bedroom (which is also small) I just flat out had to get rid of a lot of things and find ways to organize better! Thanks again for the awesome tips.

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