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Slamtastic 4 at Denny’s

by Megan

On August 7th, The Fantastic Four hits movie theaters, but in the meantime, Denny’s has paired up with 20th Century Fox to offer a limited-time, special menu inspired by the film. I’m happy to be one of “#DennysDiners,” (Denny’s Brand Ambassadors), so that I can share this awesomeness with you. The menu is called, what else, the “Slamtastic 4!”

Table tent 2

Fantastic Four is based on Marvel’s longest-running superhero team, and Denny’s is offering guests action-packed fare based on the classic comic book characters, such as the sizzling Human Torch Skillet, The Thing Burger and the Invisible Woman Slam®.

Listen, I already liked loved Denny’s, but I’ve seen these new menu items, and I think Denny’s place in my heart just expanded. Or maybe I’m just hungry!

Personally, I like to begin with dessert at Denny’s, with an order of the Pancake Puppies. And with this special menu, they are bringing back my absolute favorite: Strawberry Pancake Puppies!

Strawberry Pancake Puppies

These guys are so delicious with the cream cheese frosting that comes on the side. I can usually eat half of the order, and then I bring the rest home for a decadent midnight snack!

The main dishes on the new menu also look amazing. I can’t decide between the Thing Burger or the Invisible Woman Slam.

FSM Inside Spread

When you decide which entree you’ll have, you can pair it with the Fantastic Four Fruit Smoothie, and top it off with the Dr. Doom Lava Cake.

Placemat 1

And when you’re finished with your meal (if you can still move), hop over to www.dennysfantastic4.com to enter a special national sweepstakes; Denny’s is sending one Fantastic Four fan on a trip for two to the movie premiere on August 4th! Enter by July 19 for a chance to win!


This menu is now available at Denny’s (silly me, I ate there the day before it started- oh well, excuse to go back!), and you can check out Denny’s Instagram for a series of exclusive clips from the movie!

And seriously, don’t miss out on those Strawberry Pancake Puppies. You’re welcome.

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