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Shaping Up In August {goals}

by Megan

It’s a new month, and it’s a time of many new beginnings! Carter is now in Kindergarten, Daniel’s new school year has started, and I have begun a new post-baby weight loss journey.

Monthly goals are a fantastic way to stay on track of your long-term goals, which is why I set them each month. …except for July apparently! I did not write a goals post for July, but I can tell you that my only goals were to have a baby and move! Check and check.

Exhibit A: Baby

So here we are in August. Let’s take a look at my goals from June:

June Goals:

1. Finish weeding our backyardDONE- Thank you Daniel for finishing it!
2. Go through my business cards collected at Bloggy Boot Camp and follow everyone- Yeah…no. Apparently this is very difficult for me.
3. Finish my digital organizing (round two)- Neeerrrrp.
4. Go through everything in our garage and throw out or donate anything we don’t want to take to the new houseDONE
5. Get a start on packingDONE
August Goals:

1. Lose 10 pounds
I’ve already lost about 30 since having Harry. I gained about 40 with this pregnancy, so 10 more will take me back to my prepregnancy weight. Then we’ll go from there!
2. Complete #3 on my 30 Before 30 list
Our new schedule of work and Kindergarten gives us a great opportunity to read scriptures and say a prayer together as a family, in the mornings. We don’t have much of an evening routine, but the ten minutes before Daniel leaves and before the rest of us get ready to take Carter to school is perfect.
3. Go through my business cards collected at Bloggy Boot Camp (and Elevate) and follow everyone
For realz.
4. Whiten my teeth
I’ve had a kit sitting around for almost a year…for realz.
5. Unpack and organize every room
Every room is pretty much halfway or more unpacked and organized, and I’d like to get that all finished by the end of the month. Maybe I’ll even decorate the walls!
6. Work on 30 Before 30 #29
I have a book on lucid dreaming that I bought a loooong time ago and never read, so I will read it during August.
7. Work on 30 Before 30 #26
We will go geocaching!
8. Start an exercise program
I think I’ll do a couch to 5k program to ease back into running, and I also have a few other ideas/programs in mind.
That’s a lot of goals for one month, but I want to do big things this month!
What are your goals for August?

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1 comment

Kate August 3, 2013 - 4:11pm

Sounds like you have a great list of attainable goals for the month! Good Luck! And Harrison is adorable! :)