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Shaping Up… Home Edition: Someone Else’s Bathroom

by Megan

It’s been a while, but here’s another edition of:

We moved two months ago, and now that we are renting, my home decorating is somewhat limited. Basically I just can’t paint the walls, and I honestly don’t have the desire or energy to do that anyway! I’ve done my best to decorate our little house, and I like it, but we will probably only be there for a year, so I didn’t go overboard.

When we moved, my parents just couldn’t stand being away from us the grandkids, so they rented an apartment a couple of miles away! When they first came up, I helped my mom pick out items for their new bathroom, and here are some photos!

Everything was from Target- the towels, rug, lid cover, shower curtain, toothbrush holder, and soap dispenser.

I’m not a master decorator, and this is nothing super special, but I love the colors and how everything goes together. My mom loves the beach, and I thought these pieces had a “beachy” feel.

We had a navy and blue striped shower curtain picked out, but it was too difficult to match everything just right. With all the colors on this one, it was easy to match the towels and rug!

When there is just one color, you have to match exactly, but when you have several colors blended together, you can come close and it still looks great!

Love their light fixtures, and the ones in the kitchen match! Can you find me in the picture above? ;)

All they need now is a wall decoration, canvas, or framed photo right here:

Hmm…Christmas present perhaps??

No Mom, I didn’t draw on your walls. I just used Paint. And by “Paint” I mean the free drawing application on my computer.

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Lanaya @ Raising Reagan October 11, 2012 - 3:53pm

Love the blue ~ something about stripes on a shower curtain… :)


Jo Lane October 12, 2012 - 8:11pm

I found your blog on the blog hop…hoping you’ll follow back :)

Naptime Review October 12, 2012 - 8:47pm

Love the colors!

julie @ Naptime Review