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Shaping Up For Summer

by Megan

Four months. That’s how much time is left before summer. I know I’m not the only one already thinking that far ahead!

I have worked hard over the past 7 months, since having my baby, and I’ve lost 50 pounds. I feel great about the work I’ve done, but I know the hardest part is still to come. Who is ready to join me and start Shaping Up For Summer?!

shaping up for summer

Next week I’m going to write about my weight loss history, complete with photos and numbers, so be sure to come back and congratulate me on my bravery!

Since today is the first of the month, I thought I’d tell you about my plan for February.

The plan is pretty simple: no carbs.

Or at least, as few carbs as possible. My husband recently lost about 30 pounds, and that is how he did it. He cut out carbs and added in a nightly run and ab workout.

daniel before after
Daniel’s before and after

After a few months of that routine, he started adding back in carbs and wasn’t as religious about his workout routine, and he’s still managed to keep all the weight off, in fact he’s still losing.

So I’m going to try the same thing. Cut out carbs and run a lot.

I’m also participating in Michelle’s 6-week fitness challenge over at Fun on a Dime. We are on week 2, but you can join at any time, so sign up if you’re interested!

Lastly, now that I made some lofty running goals with my 20 wishes, I need to find a 10k to run!

So to review, in February I will drastically cut carbs, sign up for a 10k, and start training for it! I hope to lose 6 pounds in February, but more on the numbers next week.

I figured I should take a “before photo” to kick this thing off, so Carter helped me out.

No carbs starts tomorrow…

“Shaping Up For Summer” will be a weekly link-up on Saturdays throughout February, March, April, and May. Four months is the perfect amount of time to see major progress without getting burned out. Who’s with me?! Any posts related to fitness are welcome!

How are you shaping up for summer?

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