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Shaping Up For Summer: Personal Trainer Apps

by Megan

This week I got to have a free personal training session at my new gym. I was hoping it would be more of an intro to the gym/fitness assessment, rather than the hard sell to sign up for a trainer that it ended up being, but I did get a great quick workout, and I’m feeling it today!

I would definitely be interested in working with a trainer, but it’s very expensive, and it’s not something I’m going to do at the moment, and I’m definitely not ready to commit to a contract of any length. But I do feel like I need some guidance in the gym. I thought about signing up for just a few sessions, but as I drove home I thought, “There has to be an app for that!”

So today I thought I would share some personal training apps that I’ve come across, which will hopefully help me find some focus in the gym by laying out my workout for me.

GAIN Fitness

GAIN acts as a workout buddy and a coach. It is free to download and comes with a good database of exercises, but more exercise packs can be added at cost. While some apps just let you record what you did in the gym, GAIN TELLS you what to do in the gym, which is just what I need! You can customize workouts based on the amount of time you have, the equipment available, and which parts of your body you want to work.

Fitness Buddy

This app provides workouts that utilize gym equipment and is ideal for using at the gym and for strength training. The paid version (99 cents) allows you to listen to music while working out and comes with a lot more exercises.


This is a circuit training app that gives you a circuit of exercises based on which muscle groups you want to work and how much time you have. The exercises included don’t require any equipment, so it can be used anywhere.

So those are the apps I’m going to be checking out over the next few weeks, and I will certainly let you know which one(s) I like the best.

My weigh-in this week was the same as the last time I weighed-in (167.6), and coming off a lengthy vacation, I’m happy with that! Looks like the hours I spent walking around Disneyland made up for all the food I ate!


I am definitely struggling to find time for exercising, but spring break is ending, and once we are back on a normal school schedule, I can start going to the gym in the mornings after dropping Carter off. Gotta use that child care I’m paying for (and the gym)!

This week my goal is to hit the gym at least twice, to lift weights and take a Zumba class (or two).

I have three more weeks of rehearsals (Mon-Thurs), followed by three weekends of shows (15 shows total!), and various other little things here and there to keep me busy through the rest of March and April. I know May is going to come out of nowhere and slap me in the face with my 30th birthday and the end of the school year! Not that I’ll be sad to see summer!

This afternoon I will be running the Color Fun Fest 5k, so I will be sure to take some photos and report on the race next week! Until then, let me know how you are doing with your fitness goals!

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Sami March 15, 2014 - 11:27am

Thanks for sharing these great apps. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone (in this case, something) telling you what to do. So you can just turn your brain off and work that body!

Amila March 16, 2014 - 6:35pm

sounds like a great app.Nice to read your experiences….

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