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Shaping Up For Summer: I Joined A Gym

by Megan

Yesterday I took Vanessa to her dance class while my mom took Harrison to the mall. As we were leaving dance class (and heading for the pizza place across the way), I saw some guys with a table nearby, with information on a gym. Since you can literally see my house from the dance studio, I walked by to check it out, thinking they were opening the gym right there.

Turns out they were advertising for the gym which is right next to Carter’s school! I was thinking about joining a gym recently, and well, the deal was too good to pass up! It’s only $25 per month, on a 12 month contract, plus $15 a month for child care for Vanessa and Harrison.

All the classes are included, and they have classes every morning at 8:30, so that is perfect timing for me. I drop Carter off at 8, then I can just drive right next door to the gym, drop Vanessa and Harry at the kids room, and maybe even fit in a short workout before taking a class 8:30-9:30.

And if you’re reading this post right now, you helped me get that membership. I’m paying for it out of money earned with my blog, so keep reading, and I’ll keep working out!

I’m so excited. I have never had a gym membership. I will continue to run outside in the evenings, but I will definitely be using the gym for their classes and weights.

pizza date
We did eventually make it to the pizza place.

Okay so, Shaping Up For Summer. No weigh-in this week, because I’m gone! I’m writing this ahead of time because Friday morning we leave bright and early for California. Our show choir is competing Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at two different competitions. I’ll be driving out with Harrison, and Daniel will be on the bus with his students. We are excited to watch lots of other show choirs, and hopefully to bring home some trophies! Check out this post about how we did last year!

On Sunday the choir is spending the whole day at Disneyland! Super excited for that. This will be Harry’s first visit! I also have to find a time to make it to the beach so I can stick his foot in the Pacific, as per my 20 wishes!

My parents are driving out on Saturday with Carter and Vanessa, and they will be at both parks on Sunday. Then I’m staying an extra couple night with them, so we can take all three kids to both parks on Monday and a character breakfast on Tuesday.

Super super excited for all of those things.

When we get back, I have a fitness evaluation scheduled with a trainer at my new gym, so next week I’ll report on how that went!

And since I don’t have a photo of myself this week, I will instead post this very accurate rendering that my lovely son did for me:

pig mom

In his, and my, defense, he’s obsessed with Angry Birds, so he’s been drawing all our family members as either birds or pigs.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic March! 12 weeks til June!

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Leslie March 7, 2014 - 10:59am

Awesome about the gym. That is a fantastic deal on the membership and on the daycare. I need to find a deal like that! Have fun in Disneyland!

Sami March 8, 2014 - 12:41pm

Oh my gosh, your new gym was meant to be! How much more convenient or inexpensive could it be? Good for you!

brittany t March 11, 2014 - 4:05pm

wow go megan!! That’s neat the gym is so close!!
and carter’s pic lol

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