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Sexy Shoulder Workout At Home

by Megan

Sexy shoulders may seem like the least of your worries, but trust me, you will want this workout in your rotation the next time you catch sight of yourself in a tank top. And you can do this shoulder workout at home, in just a short amount of time. Even if you naturally have fit arms and no jiggle, there is nothing wrong with wanting to tone up and strengthen your shoulders.

Shoulders are sometimes overlooked, because we tend to cover them up more. Trust me, you will love the way your shoulders look after you give them some extra attention. The best thing about our workout today: you will only need a set of hand weights and your own body weight! That’s it. So much for excuses!

If you have any questions about the moves, a quick Google search will solve that pretty quickly. As long as you are cleared for exercise, have your hand weights ready, and want some sexy shoulders, we can get this party started.

Sexy Shoulder Workout At Home

Perform each exercise 10-15 times, using handweights or dumbbells heavy enough for the last couple of reps to be difficult but doable.

Standing Bicep Curl
Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Reverse Flies
Reverse Curls
Upright Rows
Front Dumbbell Raise (alternating sides)
Hammer Curls
Triceps Overhead Press (standing or sitting)
Close Hand Pushup
Stiff Legged Dead Lift

Shoulder Workout

Don’t ignore your shoulders any longer! Keep them as fit as the rest of your body. This workout is quick and easy and doesn’t require you to step foot out of your house. Get yourself out of bed 20 minutes early and get your workout in for the day! Pair it with any of my other Workout At Home workouts for a longer session.

Fitness is at your fingertips, you just have to let your shoulders do the work!

Shoulder At Home Workout

Baby Steps to a Better You: Day 11


Here we are at Day 11 of “Baby Steps to a Better You!” Today’s challenge is the simplest of the whole 30 days. I want you to set your alarm for tomorrow morning, 30 minutes earlier than you usually get up. Do it right now!

That’s all. Just set the alarm. In the morning you’ll remember why you set it, and you’ll get up. I have faith in you!

What will you do with that 30 minutes? Well that’s up to you! You can use the first 10 to wake up leisurely (not that we normally jump out of bed because we are running late, oh no, not us!), stretch, drink a glass of water, and then use the other 20 minutes to get in a workout, do a load of laundry, catch up on some emails, take a walk, whatever you want.

Just set the alarm. You’ll get up.

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