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Setting a Good Example

by Megan

I’m at the beginning of week 4 of the 12 in 12 Revolt Fitness challenge. Can’t believe that after this week we will be 1/3 of the way through the challenge! Last week I pretty much failed. I got sick last weekend, and I didn’t feel up to working out for a few days…and then I didn’t end up working out on the rest of the days either! Meal plan? No that didn’t happen either.

But guess what? I lost 3 pounds anyway. Happy me.

Now it’s week 4, and I’ve got my game face back on. One of my goals for September was to get up early and do my workouts before our morning routine. Today that was a success! I plan to workout early every day this week.

I used to be shy about working out, and I wouldn’t do it in front of anyone! But I don’t care anymore. I’m doing what is good for me and my body. One day my husband came home during his break, and I just kept right on doing my king deadlifts!

Vanessa LOVES to watch me workout. It might just be because I workout to the Revolt Fitness videos, and she loves anything with a screen and moving pictures. But I think she really gets it!

And sometimes she exercises along with me!

Here she is doing her high knees!

This morning all three of my kids woke up just as I was finishing my last circuit. Vanessa sat on the couch and said, “Hooray! Go, Mom, go! Hip hip hooray!”

Can’t forget the bicycles!

There’s no motivation like a tiny little person you created cheering you on!

Harry says, “Go Mom!”

I hope that I can set a good example for my kids. Now that my husband and I are both on a health kick, I plan to start making healthier family dinners for all of us.

Today after school Carter wanted a snack. He said, “I could have ice cream or broccoli.” The kid loves broccoli, and it’s all because Daniel told him a story about a dinosaur that ate tiny trees! Hmm…anyone have a good story about lettuce?

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1 comment

Lanaya | Raising Reagan September 24, 2013 - 3:07pm

It is such a good example for the kids. Rey loves when I workout too … she is the one that encourages me to go to the gym when I don’t feel like — mainly because she wants to see her much older boyriend {haha}
Sometimes I’ll do Zumba at home and Rey loves to dance with me!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo