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Sell Your Home Hassle-Free with Opendoor

by Megan

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Opendoor. All opinions are 100% mine.

Selling a house and trying to avoid the hassle? Give Opendoor a try, and get an instant cash offer so you can sell your home quickly! Get an instant home value report today!

Five years ago, my family found ourselves in a bind. My husband had just accepted a new teaching job, about three hours away from where we lived at the time, and school started in just two weeks!

We packed up all our things, put our two kids in the car, and left town! Just one problem. Nobody wanted to buy our house!

We bought the home (our very first!) back in 2009, and lived there for three years before my husband accepted the new job. We secured a rental home in our new city and moved. But our house just sat and sat.

If you’ve ever bought and/or sold a home, you know how exciting it is! But it can also be a complex and stressful process at times.

It’s hard to get the timing just right, so that you can move out of one house and into the new one, without having to store your stuff, be homeless for a while, or pay for two properties at once!

When we couldn’t sell our house right away, not only were we struggling to pay our mortgage as well as rent on our new place, but we were too far away to handle the maintenance to keep the house looking nice for potential buyers.

I’m partnering with Opendoor today, because they provide a service that could have prevented ALL of the problems we encountered when trying to sell our home.

Opendoor simplifies the home selling process. They will give you a quick cash offer on your home, and by selling to Opendoor you can avoid the hassles of showings, offers that fall through, constant negotiations, and trying to get the timing right of buying, selling, and moving.

How does it work?

  1. You request an offer online. Provide some basic information about your home to help Opendoor give you an accurate offer on your home.
  2. Your home expert prepares an offer with market data and the unique information you provide.
  3. You review your offer and associated fees.
  4. Sign your contract when you’re ready.
  5. Get paid in a matter of days and move on to your next home stress-free.
  6. Opendoor handles the maintenance of the home and finds the next buyer.

Using Opendoor prevents you from spending so much time and energy trying to get your house sold. You can sell and move when YOU are ready to do so. You’ll have the cash on hand to use for your next home, and Opendoor takes care of finding a buyer for your old place, and even keeps up the maintenance in the meantime.

When we struggled to sell our first house, we went nearly a year paying both a mortgage and rent, as we tried to find a buyer. I so wish we had an option like Opendoor back then. All of our worries would have been no more!

If you are looking to sell your home, be sure to check out Opendoor and request an offer. Get a free offer on your home.

You may just save yourself a whole lot of trouble!

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