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Play with Kitties at the Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe

by Megan

We started our family gap year in the Seattle area, and one of the must-do items on our list was to visit the Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe!

Vanessa at cat cafe

When my 8-year-old daughter, Vanessa, found out that we were going to a place where she could enjoy a treat AND play with kitties, she was ecstatic!

So when we ventured into Seattle from our Airbnb on Whidbey Island, our day was scheduled around our appointment at the Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe.

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At the Meowtropolitan, the cats are the main attraction. Some may be feeling playful and others sleepy, but the cuteness is undeniable.

kitty at cat cafe

If you plan to visit the Cat Cafe, make an appointment ahead of time, so you know you have a spot. Then, just show up a little ahead of your time.

Admission was $10, which included a drink and an hour-long visit to the kitty room. But anybody can go in and order a drink and stay in the cafe area.

We got hot chocolate and they made cute kitty designs on top!

cat hot chocolate at cat cafe

When it was our time, we were invited into the kitty room.

Kids have to be at least 8 years old to go in and see the cats, so I went in with Vanessa and our 10-year-old son, Carter. My husband waited in the cafe area with our younger son and daughter, but they were able to see into the kitty area, so they had fun watching.

watching the kitties at cat cafe

Once in the kitty room, you’re free to pet kitties, play with kitties (kitty toys available!), or let them curl up next to you and purr, if they so choose!

vanessa playing with cat

The employee assisting with your visit will let you know which cats are more friendly and who might want to be left alone for the moment. There are also signs with the cats’ pictures and names.

Many of the cats are adoptable, so just be aware that your kids might beg to bring one home! Mine were no exception, but they knew that we couldn’t have a cat while we are on the road!

carter petting ginger cat

Both big kids loved visiting the cats, playing with them, and petting them. Our reservation was for a full hour, but we felt fulfilled after about half that long, plus we had lots of other fun things planned for the day!

If you’re in the Seattle area and you’re a cat lover, the Seattle Meowtropolitan is a great way to spend an hour!

seattle meowtropolitan cat cafe

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