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Sea Life Aquarium

by Megan

We always love a trip to the Sea Life Aquarium, at the Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. It’s across the valley from Surprise, but that’s one of our favorite malls, so the drive is worth it! This time, we were given tickets to see the latest exhibits and activities at Sea Life, so on a school day morning, my mom and I took the two little ones, Vanessa and Harrison, to go exploring under the sea!


At the front desk, they were given their dive masks and explorer books. There were several stations throughout the aquarium where they could add stamps to their books, creating a perfect memory of all the creatures they saw that day!


There were so many fun creatures to see, but the fish below was one of our favorites! He looked so kissable that Vanessa just had to try to kiss him!


Harrison loved being out of his stroller, walking around, and even touching a few things like a seashell and a starfish!


I love how interactive the Sea Life Aquarium is. There are lots of little extras that make it fun for kids, like the bubble domes where you can pop your head up and feel like you’re in the tank with the fishies!


They also have a few places where you can stand on a clear floor and see the sea life below you, and a tunnel with portholes that the kids loved climbing in!


Vanessa had fun collecting all of her stamps and trying to answer trivia questions about the different creatures.


Harry tried to communicate with the natives. They were mostly unresponsive.


We loved the big glass windows where you can really feel like you are part of the action!


Can you find the sea creature in the photo below? Look closely!


We were excited to see the turtle exhibit, which was new since our last visit. We are all big fans of sea turtles!


And Vanessa had a lot of fun pretending to hatch from this big egg, which was her “home!”


After collecting all of her explorer stamps, Vanessa earned a special medal to remember her adventures at Sea Life!


Right now Sea Life is in the midst of their “Fishmas” events which include a diving Santa, Fishmas carols, snow flurries, and crafts! Also, as a special offer, you can order tickets now for only $9.50 each, through January 31st!

We had a great time visiting the Sea Life Aquarium, and we ended up staying and enjoying ourselves much longer than I thought we would. The kids were having so much fun exploring the place and seeing all the creatures. We love having Sea Life close by, and we’ll be sure to visit again and again!

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