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Routines and Randomness Part 1

by Megan

Well goodness gracious, ladies and gentlemen, I am still here! It feels like I haven’t posted in forever since I took Friday-Sunday off, and this morning’s post was scheduled weeks ago. Also, who says types “goodness gracious?” Me apparently.

I have a lot of different things to write about, none of which deserves an entire post, so I’m going to write about everything in two posts and label the sections. With me? Good! Read on!

Yep, the photos will be random too.

This past week has been filled with ups and downs, and that’s the best way I can put it. I’ve just been…off, I guess. I also had an ear infection which I self-treated with old medication… I’m feeling better now, though, and remotivated because that’s a word. I’ve started at least three other blog posts, but just didn’t know what to write. Now that I have more readers, I’m more conscious of what I post, but this blog is ultimately for me to write what I feel, so I apologize if this post isn’t super entertaining to you! Sometimes I just have to write out what I’m thinking to get a better grip on my life!

Got our patio furniture put together and everything put in place!

A few weeks ago I asked about routines with small children, and it’s one of my August goals to get a routine in place for September (and onwards). I think I’m starting to figure out a routine that is going to work for us.

Here is a typical day for us:

  • (on my shorter running days, I run from approximately 5am-6:30am, after my half marathon I plan to start exercising from 6-6:30am every morning)
  • 6:30am- wake up, sometimes Vanessa sleeps later (sometimes a LOT later)
  • 6:45am- drop Daniel off at school (some days he drives himself if I’m not going out)
  • 7am-8am- breakfast and kids watch a TV show on the computer (not always a full hour, but in between 7 and 8)
  • 8am-11am- play time at home (some days we go to the store or the playground during the morning)
  • 10am- snacktime
Fake food picnic in the kitchen
  • 11am- clean up all the toys from the living room and kitchen
  • 11:30am-12:30pm- lunchtime
  • 12:30pm-2pm- more play time at home, Vanessa’s naptime (if she woke up early)
  • 2:15pm-4:30pm- Vanessa’s naptime (if she woke up later), I usually play a game with Carter, and then I let him watch some TV and sometimes he takes a nap of his own
  • And during those play time hours, I’m also doing laundry, dishes, cleaning up around the house, projects, etc.

By this time Daniel has come home, or we’ve picked him up, and if it’s a work day, then I work from 3-9pm, and if it’s not, then we just hang out as a family. At least once a week we go out to eat (we’ve been trying new restaurants in our new town), sometimes we have church activities to attend, and some evenings I go running.

As far as bedtime goes, our kids stay up pretty late. At first this bothered me because I didn’t think it was good for them, and it cuts into time that Daniel and I could spend together, but they just aren’t tired earlier. Vanessa has been going to bed around 9, and Carter regularly stays up until 10. What do you think, too late?

Five minutes in the car was her only nap on Sunday!

As for a weekly routine, I like to coupon on Sunday afternoon/evening, after we are home from church (which is 11am-2pm). I LOVE that I can get the paper delivered here (couldn’t at my old house). I’m making Monday mornings “errand day” so that I can hopefully get out and use some of the coupons I put aside on Sunday. Monday nights are family nights. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are going to be my work nights, and Friday will be an alternate work day, in case something comes up on one of those other nights. Saturday is for relaxing and family fun!

More randomness to come in my next post, for those of you who are just interested in what is going on in my life!

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Brooke @ Covered in Grace August 21, 2012 - 4:03am

I like the randomness. =) Glad you are feeling better. How’s the new house coming along?
Thanks for linking up! Muah!

Ali ♥ August 21, 2012 - 2:43am

Your patio furniture looks great!

-Emily- August 25, 2012 - 10:33pm

I need to work on a schedule for my little one. We are sooo bad about schedules but things are getting out of control and we let him stay up until 11pm or later most night…OMG I know that is horrible!

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