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by Megan

You can’t have a challenge without rewards, right? Especially when the person doing the challenge is a big shopper!!! So here are the rewards I’ve planned for myself for each five pounds that I lose:

160- new running sneakers

155- gymnastics mats

For some reason these aren’t on the website, but they sell the ones I want at Dick’s Sporting Goods. There is one of these up in Tempe, so I have to get to 155 before November 8th, when we’ll be up in that area! They will be useful to get my flexibility back and to work on getting some of my tumbling skills back as well. I’m getting two 3′ x 6′, so I can have either a 6′ x 6′ square mat or a 3′ x 12′ long mat. I even have 25 dollars left on a gift certificate for there!

150- two new fitness dvds

Not sure which ones to get just yet, but I can try some out through netflix before I decide which ones to get. I want to try the one that is called “tank top arms, bikini belly, boy shorts bottom” because really, who doesn’t want those three things?! I’ve seen a few dance-related ones that might be good. Also, one of the Losing Weight After Baby podcasts focuses on five fitness dvds that Arlene recommends which are: The Firm- Standing Legs, The Firm- Upper Body, The Firm- Five Day Abs, Billy Blanks Tae Bo II, and Winsor Pilates. I already have Winsor Pilates, and the third and fourth ones are on netflix, so I can try those. I haven’t found the first two yet, but I’m sure they are out there somewhere.

145- massaging bath tub pillow

If I could invent one thing, it would be a literal water bed, where you could sleep comfortably while being immersed in hot water. This is maybe the next best thing. There are three of them at Target, but I’m not sure which one I want yet. I guess I have plenty of time to decide!

140- peridot heart ring

The picture above is a ring that I really want from Kay Jewelers, which has Carter’s birthstone. I asked Daniel to buy it for me when I reach my prepregnancy weight, to give me some good motivation.

Once I get to my prepregnancy weight, then I get to work on getting to my goal weight! Here are the rest of my rewards:

135- sage glasses and pitcher

I bought a nice set of dishes that are black and sage, and now I want the rest of my dinnerware to match. A word of advice, plan your home decor out a little better before you get married so you can register for things that you want and that all match… Anyway, these glasses will go really well with the set (which came with mugs), and also with the more casual set that is my next reward.

130- corelle dinnerware set

This is a casual dinner set that will match the fancier one I have as well as the colors and decoration I have planned for my dining room.

125- 1/4 carat princess cut diamond earrings

This is my ultimate weight goal, and I’ll get Daniel to get me these earrings when I get there! :) I’m hoping I can do it by my birthday, so it would be a good birthday present!

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