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Resolutions In Motion Round Two Begins Today!

by Megan

Welcome to Resolutions In Motion: Round TWO! Whether you are new or a returning player from Round One, welcome! We are excited you are here and can’t wait to read about all of your goals!

Resolutions In Motion is a 6-week challenge where the participants set a goal and work to achieve it. Join us every Tuesday for inspirational guest posts, surprise giveaways, blog hops, and more! The final link-up will include giveaways for some amazing prizes!

Megan @ Shaping Up To Be A Mom
Brooke @ Covered In Grace
Tif @ Ramblings of a Southern Belle
Rosie @ Craftbotic

If you have not yet signed up for this awesome challenge, registration is STILL OPEN! Please go here and fill out the sign-up form, and then make sure you link up your first post before this linky closes (on Saturday, January 12th).

Participating in both the initial (today’s) linkup and the final link-up is required to win prizes, but we will also have a link-up each Tuesday throughout the challenge, for anyone who wants to write about their goal and progress regularly!

Here is my goal: create a regular routine of family scripture study, prayer, and FHE (family home evening)

Sound familiar? If you’ve visited my 30 Before 30 list, you might recognize that as #3! I’m trying to hit my list hard this year since…let’s just say that 30 isn’t TOO far away.

We’ve been very off and on as far as reading scriptures and praying together as a family. We regularly pray over meals, which is good, but I want to also read and pray together in the evenings. In addition, Monday night is supposed to be family night, where we spend time together, have a short lesson, sing songs, and do activities or games. “Family Home Evening” is an LDS or “Mormon” thing, although I’m sure plenty of families do a similar kind of “family night.”

In church, whenever they would go over announcements in Primary, they would tell the kids, “tomorrow is Monday, so what does that mean?” And the kids would say, “family home evening!” So one day when I asked Carter what we do on Mondays (expecting him to say “gymnastics” because he was taking a Monday morning gymnastics class) he said, “Gymnastics! AND family home evening!” …even though it had been a long time since we had had an actual structured FHE.

SO, the plan is pretty simple:

  1. read one page from the scriptures each night, at 8:30pm (right before Vanessa goes to bed- I think this may help us get a better bedtime routine going as well!)
  2. pray as a family after reading our one page
  3. plan for and hold FHE each Monday evening

Not a difficult goal, just one I have to make happen!

The Resolutions In Motion hostesses are very excited to cheer you on, so make sure to link up below! Don’t forget to come back every Tuesday for something challenge-related! Make sure to visit the other participants’ blogs and cheer them on as well!

As part of the Resolutions In Motion challenge, we will be having two hops- a GFC hop and a Facebook/Twitter hop. Round Two participants who have linked up can use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win a co-host spot for one of the hops!

One last thought- we are still accepting sponsors for this event! There is only a $10 minimum prize value for regular sponsors, who will be featured in a blog post with the other sponsors and who will receive one giveaway entry of their choice in the final giveaway. Featured sponsors ($50 minimum prize value) will be featured in a separate blog post with the other featured sponsors and will receive three giveaway entries of their choice in the final giveaway.

Good luck! Let the challenge begin!

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Brooke @ Covered in Grace January 8, 2013 - 2:15pm

Megan, that’s a great goal!
And I love how sweet your little man is… =)

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection January 8, 2013 - 3:58pm

I love your resolutions. :) Thanks again for hosting!

Kristina Torrejon January 8, 2013 - 4:20pm

That’s a great goal! I too would love to pray and read the Bible more as a family! Happy to be a part of it this time around! :) xoxo

Rosie January 8, 2013 - 5:42pm

What a lovely goal that your whole family will benefir from! Xx

Raising Reagan January 8, 2013 - 6:25pm

Love your goal ~ so important to have family nights. :)


jen @ grown in southern ground January 9, 2013 - 5:26pm

thanks for hosting. good luck with your goals!