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Relaxing at Rocky Point

by Megan

It has been a summer full of travel, with lots more fun on the way, but last week Daniel and I had the opportunity to drop the kids off at my parents’ house, grab our swimsuits and flip flops, and head on down to Rocky Point (Puerto Pensasco), Mexico!

Two glorious nights, just the two of us, in an absolutely gorgeous seaside, oceanview condo, courtesy of Sea Side Reservations. It was a little piece of Heaven on Earth!


It has been a long time since just the two of us took a trip together and, although we love our kids and missed them, it was so nice to be able to relax together. No toddlers to constantly supervise, no worrying about kid-friendly activities, and far less luggage!

We got there on a Friday afternoon, and headed right for the beach. We relaxed in some lounge chairs while we waited for our room to be ready at the lovely Sonoran Sun.


We found out our condo number, and at first I was disappointed, thinking that we didn’t have an ocean view, because I could see our door on the opposite side of the hotel. But I quickly realized that every condo at the Sonoran Sun has an ocean view! They are these generously-sized suites that extend from one side of the hotel to the other! Here is a panorama of our condo, taken from just outside the balcony door.


Did I say balcony? Oh yes I did! Every condo at the Sonoran Sun has a beautiful, large balcony with a gorgeous view.


That first night we ate dinner on our balcony, taking in the ocean air and the absolutely perfect weather. We had driven downtown to find a roadside taco shop, so we could enjoy some authentic Mexican food!


We ate a late dinner, so soon after it was time to go to bed and get excited for a day at the beach!

The next morning we got up and got all packed for a morning at the beach. I just love my new beach bag that I bought from Suzie’s Sweet Stuff on Etsy! It is seriously huge! Here’s everything we fit in the bag (with plenty of room to spare): two large hardcover books, two beach towels, a large beach blanket, a beach canopy (unassembled…obviously), and snacks and drinks. I’ve since bought a second (pink) one, because it’s perfect for packing kids’ clothes for vacations.

my-beach-bagMy awesome, huge beach bag. Get yours here (embroidery available)!

This was our beach set-up for the day:


Shade, a comfy chair, a great book, the sound of the ocean…what more could you want? We were content for several hours, sitting next to each other and reading.


But we also love swimming in the ocean, so we spent plenty of time in the water, too! And we ran into Miss Kristine, and her husband, who were also enjoying their day at the beach!


After a fun morning, we decided it was time to get showered and have a late lunch at Emiliano’s, the on-site restaurant at the Sonoran Sun.

I wish I had taken photos of the food, because it was outstanding. I could have eaten every meal there and been happy. I had enchiladas and a stuffed pepper and a taco, and it was all amazing! I did, however, take a photo of my Coca-Cola Light. That’s the Mexican form of Diet Coke, and it’s SO much better! I bought several at the resort gift shop on the way out.


After lunch it was time to relax a little in our condo. One of my biggest dilemmas during our stay was deciding at any given moment whether I wanted to be in our room or on the beach. Both places were fantastic, and I wanted to enjoy both as much as possible!


Soon I joined Kristine down at the pool, so we could have a blog chat. It was so great getting to talk to her about various blog things, to share advice and expertise, and to both commiserate and celebrate!

After our much-needed chat, we got all of our men together (I just had my husband, but Kristine brought three men with her…you’ll have to see her blog for more info about THAT!), and we all took a banana boat ride together. That was…interesting. Actually it was hilarious because the guys kept falling off and having a very difficult time getting back on the boat. Much appreciated entertainment.

That evening we all met up and drove downtown to walk around, check out the shops, and eat at The Point, a restaurant built over the water.


We ate on the back patio as we watched the sun set over the water.


We got back to the resort late, and said goodnight, after a quick elevator photo of all of us!


That night, I stayed up late, working on my blog, and after a little while of working in the living room, I realized I was hearing the sounds of the waves through the closed balcony door. So I took my computer and moved out to the balcony and just watched and listened to the sounds of the ocean for awhile. It was so peaceful and soul-rejuvenating.

The next morning we packed up and then went to the beach for one last quick visit before checking out and driving back home. I may also have gotten a massage on the beach, which I was really wanting to do before we left!

If you are interested in traveling to Rocky Point, you can find Rocky Point vacation rentals and make reservations at SeasideMexico.com. We had an absolutely perfect time during our stay, and we will definitely be back…maybe every summer!


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