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My Real Age

by Megan

If you’ve been reading my blog at all this year, I’m sure you’ve heard me shouting it from the rooftops: I turned 30 this year! But your age is just a number and tells how old you are, chronologically. As we all know, everyone is in a different stage of health. To find out my body’s biological age, I took the RealAge Test, which I want to share with you today as part of a sponsored campaign with Blog Meets Brand and their advertiser.

When I ran the Bisbee staircase race a few years ago, I was at first humbled by seeing other runners casually walking to their cars, while I was halfway through the course, and then I crossed the finish line just behind a woman three times my age!

But I still ran the race! I climbed those 1000 stairs, and I finished. Since then I’ve finished a 10k, a half marathon, and I plan to train for a full marathon during the second half of this year. You’re as young as you feel, and I feel…well, about 30! And that is supposed to be your prime, right? Sounds good to me!

food-truck-friday.jpgIn our prime? Or just headed to Food Truck Friday? #nodifference

So how did my RealAge Test results turn out? Pretty close to my actual age, actually!

Real Age Test

Apparently my biological age is 29.7, just shy of 30, and just under my chronological age. Sounds good to me! I figured I would come out close to my current age or under, considering how I have fairly healthy habits. I don’t smoke or drink, I use sunscreen, I get sleep and exercise, and my family and activities keep me feeling happy and fulfilled.

When you complete the RealAge Test, you get personalized recommendations based on your answers. These recommendations will praise you for some of the things you are doing right, and they will offer some tips to help you keep your body young.

My end-of-test recommendations said that my avoidance of smoke (including secondhand smoke), and the fact that I usually get 7 hours of sleep each night, are things that are keeping me young. It suggested that I get my blood pressure and cholesterol checked, to make sure I’m in the right ranges. And it suggested, in gentle language, that I drop a little weight! #dontIknowit #workingonit #aftervacation

at-the-pier.jpgI’m at the pier and I’m gonna eat pier fries!!

It was definitely encouraging to see that I’m on the right track, health-wise, and I know that I’ve been fortunate to not suffer with health problems any more serious than allergies. Weight seems to be my biggest concern, but I’ve already dropped quite a bit, and I’m hoping that my marathon training will help take off the rest!

If you are interested in seeing your “RealAge,” you’ll be happy to know that the test is free! It takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and then you’ll have a great personalized plan for staying young and improving your health. Your recommendations will be accompanied with links to further reading about the various topics, so lots of information is at your fingertips!

Take the RealAge Test, and leave a comment letting me know your results!

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kristine foley July 11, 2014 - 2:20pm

7 hours of sleep! Good Lord that’s amazing! I get about 3… 4 on a good night :) My age is going to 80 freakin years old lol!!!