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by Megan

Carter is now reading! Yes, most of it is as a result of memorization, but he is definitely reading words. He learned his letters forever ago, and the ABCs is often his song of choice. Then he started learning letter sounds, with a lot of help from a dvd called Letter Factory.

From there, he started spelling out everything he saw, from stop signs to store fronts. “Der’s ABCs on dere!”

Then he started “reading” some of his books, mostly by memorization and having the pictures for context.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been reading The Green Mile, and he kept wanting to spell all the words on the cover, and then he’d ask me, “What’s that spell?” The title stuck with him, and he kept saying, “…your Green Mile book!”

So Daniel made him some flashcards with words like Mom, Dad, Cat, and Dog, and he just loved spelling them and saying the words. He started by just spelling them, and then I started asking him to just say the word without spelling, and he learned SO FAST!

From there, I tried spreading out all the cards and asking him to pick out certain ones, which he got right. Then I asked things like, “which card goes ‘meow?'” He got all those right too!

And the thing is- he LOVES this! We wouldn’t be pushy with him if he wasn’t interested (he’s not even 3 yet!), but yesterday he asked Daniel to make him some more cards, and Daniel said he would after his nap. So as soon as Carter got up he said, “You make me new cards, I got up!” Then he said, “Make me lots and lots of new ones!”

So Daniel has been adding a few each day, and each time he demonstrates what it means. So for “cold” he had Carter touch the freezer and spell the word and say the word. For “train” he used one of his toy trains.

Here are the words Carter can now successfully read:

Boy, Nap, Mud, Dog, Hot, Book, Bed, Carter, Red, Cup, Cat, Baby, Mom, Cold, Train, Toy, Dad, Blue, and Hat

So proud of my little reader!

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1 comment

Kadi July 4, 2011 - 6:53pm

He’s a little smarty pants, just like his mommy and daddy! It won’t be long and he’ll be off to Harvard Medical School! Meanwhile, you’ll still be teaching me proper grammer :)