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When It Rains, It Pours

by Megan

No really, this is actually a post about rain. Or rain gear, rather.

Little known fact: It rains in Arizona sometimes.

rain in az5

Growing up in Maine, rain was at least a weekly occurrence. Here in Arizona, it’s a rare, beautiful thing. In most places when it rains, everyone runs indoors. When it rains in Arizona, you run OUTDOORS! And during the monsoon season, you film the craziness from your back door:

This post is sponsored by Joules.

We all get caught in the rain, but what if you could look totally adorable when it happens? I found a new online shop that sells the most adorable things, including rain boots! It’s called Joules, and if you click that link, you may find yourself wondering how two hours flew by so quickly while you were gazing at all their gorgeous items.

Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring some of my favorite things from around the web; things which I’m going to officially recommend as great Christmas gifts. When you see this banner, you’ll know it’s “Megan Approved!”

2013 gift ideas

Joules range of Women’s rain boots goes from knee-high, to mid-calf, to bootie boot, and I have a favorite in each style!

polka dot wellies
shorter pick
pink rain booties
shortest pick okay I like polka dots

So cute you might die, right? Wait.

girls wellies
For Vanessa

If you have a little girly girl, you’ll love Joules range of Girls’ rain boots! Vanessa sure could have used those on that day it rained. I was holding the baby on the couch when I heard the rain, and I called the kids and told them to go out and see. We have a covered patio, so I figured they were just watching the rain…until I went outside and saw this:

And let us not forget Joules range of Boys’ rain boots, for your little men! Here is my pick for Carter-man:

If you have someone fashionable on your Christmas list who you think would like to look good while they brave bad weather, then Joules is your first stop! Happy shopping, and stay dry!

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