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Quick, Clean Bathroom & Free Cleaning Schedule Printable

by Megan

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Cleaning is my therapy. It’s true. If I’m mad, you’ll find me (angrily) making my bed or rearranging the items on top of my dresser. It’s like my subconscious knows that a clean house is a happy house! And I’m definitely happy when my house is clean.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips & Cleaning Schedule Printable

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly clean room. Now I’m (definitely) not saying that my house is clean all the time, oh no. There are five people living here, and most days it shows! But I’m lucky enough to have a husband who helps a lot.

Bathrooms are usually my job. I love relaxing in the tub at the end of the day, so I deep clean the bathrooms regularly. Today I’m sharing my tips for a quick clean bathroom, as well as a free cleaning schedule printable, which will cover all the other rooms in the house!

Quick, Clean Bathroom

First a tip: Have. Less. Stuff. If you love having little knick-knacks all over the house, then more power to you, but I highly recommend keeping only the things that make you feel happy when you see them. Less stuff means faster cleanup and less maintenance.

1. Take everything out

Empty the bathroom (except the cabinets/drawers, unless you are deep cleaning). Take everything off the counter, off the floor, and out of the tub. Get it out. It’s much easier to clean an empty bathroom than to spend time cleaning around things.


2. Dust

You don’t want to clean everything and then remember to dust…and then have to clean everything again! Think “top to bottom” and dust first! This should be quick- top of the shower rail, medicine cabinet, lighting fixtures (turn them off first!) and any frames you have on the walls.

3. Spray it all

Grab your favorite cleaner (I used Disinfectant Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner in Fresh Scent), and spray away. With everything out of the room, you can go crazy and spray like the dust bunnies are flesh-eating zombies.

4. Wipe it all

Use a rag or some towels and wipe what you’ve sprayed, if necessary. I like having a removable shower head, because I use it to spray down the shower walls. I use Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush® to clean inside the toilet. Everything else gets wiped down. I also spray some cleaner on the mirrors and wipe those too.

5. Sweep and mop

Now that everything is sparkling, the last thing to get cleaned is the floor. Sweep, then mop, then call it a day! Once the floor is dry, put your things back (I usually take this opportunity to throw the bathmats and lid covers in the laundry), and take a warm bath. You’ve earned it!

The last thing I like to do is use the Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel. It’s a stamper that stamps out a little patch of gel onto the inside of the toilet bowl. When flushed, the water runs over the gel and activates the fresh scent.


And it’s really fun to use! Seriously. It’s like putting a final stamp on your bathroom cleaning job.

What products are best?

There are a lot of cleaning products out there, but I’ve always been a fan of Scrubbing Bubbles®. I’m not even going to link to it, but one of my early, early posts on this blog was about how much I love the Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel. There’s a search box on my sidebar, if you want to find it and appreciate the awesomeness that was blogging back in 2010!


I purchased my Scrubbing Bubbles® cleaning products at Dollar General this time around. I hadn’t been in a Dollar General in awhile (we used to live right near one), and I was impressed with the variety of things they sell. It’s a great place to go for household supplies and decor. I spent a little bit of time browsing the aisles!


All month long, Dollar General is offering a ton of promotions for Scrubbing Bubbles®! The DG Coupon Center will have coupons such as $1 off any Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Gel Product and $0.50 off any Scrubbing Bubbles® Bath Product.

As promised, here is my cleaning schedule printable. It’s a great year-round reference for when to do which jobs around the house, with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning suggestions.

cleaning-printableclick to download

If you love this printable and would like me to send you a customized version (like changing trash day to Monday instead of Tuesday), I’d be happy to help you out. Just leave a comment or send me an email with your request!

Cleaning can be fun, or at least therapeutic!

If you love these tips and/or my printable, please share or pin this post, so others can find it! Happy cleaning!

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sabrina faith July 20, 2015 - 10:56am

Cleaning my bathroom is something I try to do as often as I can! I love scrubbing bubbles for cleaning my bathroom as well! great post!

Kristi Garrett November 13, 2015 - 7:48am

I also love to clean my home, especially when I am mad:) I love your to-do planing list. It is clever idea to be organized. Best regards