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Pokemon Costume Ideas

by Megan

Pokemon fever has reached our home, so it only seemed fitting that we did Pokemon costumes for Halloween this year! We had four willing kiddos (well the baby had no opinion), so we went for it. Here are our Pokemon costume ideas!

Has Pokemon fever hit your home? Come check out our awesome Pokemon costume ideas- perfect for Halloween or Comicon!

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Carter was Ash Ketchum, Vanessa was Misty, Harrison was Pikachu, and Melody was a Pokeball!

We did a combination of store-bought and homemade Pokemon costumes for our brood, and I think everything came out great.

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Pokemon Costume Ideas


These kids Pokemon costumes are great for Halloween, of course, but they’d also be perfect for Comicon or even a Pokemon-themed birthday party! Let me show you how we put together each costume.

Ash Pokemon Costume


Ash Ketchum costumes seemed to be in high demand this year, but we were able to find one on Amazon that included the hat, gloves, and jacket. We added a black t-shirt, blue pants (jeans would work too), and sneakers.


Carter, who is 8, fit great into the adult XS costume with a little room to spare. That was lucky because kid sizes seemed to be sold out everywhere. Still, it would not be a difficult costume to make yourself, and you can buy the hat separately.

Misty Pokemon Costume


I originally just said, let’s get Vanessa a girl Pokemon trainer costume, but my husband informed me that there was a specific girl trainer who had a name and was fairly well-known, so Misty it was!

Vanessa’s Misty costume was easily put together. She already had jean shorts, so we added red suspenders (Amazon) and a yellow tank top. We added plain white sneakers (though you could go all out and get red/white high tops), and put her hair in a side ponytail.

We didn’t want to fuss with hair dye this year, but Misty’s hair is orange, so you could use a temporary color hairspray, or there are even some Misty wigs out there!

Pikachu Pokemon Costume


There are a few different Pikachu costumes available out there, but the one we decided on was absolutely perfect. It’s incredibly soft, fit Harry perfectly, and it’s just so cute!

We ordered ours from eBay, but you can also find it at Amazon.

After taking these photos we also got some Pikachu slippers for Harrison to wear!


Pokeball Pokemon Costume


And last, but not least, we found Melody a crocheted Pokeball hat on Etsy, of course! Angela, from OwlCrochetForYou, does a fantastic job!


The kids loved their cool Pokemon costumes, and everyone who saw them said, “how cute!”

It’s fun to get everyone dressed up on a theme, and this year was a hit! Now all that’s left to do is go trick-or-treating and score lots of candy!


Happy Halloween!

Little Pokemon fans will love dressing up like their favorite characters! Use these tips to put together the best Pokemon costume for Halloween, Comic-Con, or a Pokemon-theme birthday party!
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