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Things I Have In Common With My 3-Year-Old

by Megan

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My daughter is my mini-me. After having my blonde-haired, blue-eyed son, I told my husband that if we had a girl, I wanted her to have brown hair and brown eyes and look exactly like me…and I got my wish!


But looks aren’t the only thing we have in common. We are both pretty stubborn.

“I’ll wear what I WANT in the bathtub!”
“So will I!” (including shoes)

We both don’t like to share. Hey look, I’m not proud of it, but I just like my things to be my things and your things to be your things. Vanessa agrees. Except she wants my things too.

We both like to shop! Okay, Vanessa doesn’t do a whole lot of shopping just yet, but one day we stopped at an intersection near a shoe store that was having a sidewalk sale, and Vanessa said, “Ooh, Mom, look at the shoes! I want the pink polka dot ones.”

Yes, I think we will be good friends!

Lastly, we both pee our pants. Ha ha, okay not exactly. Vanessa is well-trained. But she’s only recently trained so she’s had the occasional accident over the past few months. And as for me, well let’s just say that I’ve had three kids, and when I sneeze, I’m careful to cross my legs! #TMI

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