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The Pogo Pass

by Megan

This one is for the locals. Phoenix locals, that is!

If you are looking for a great Easter gift (or birthday gift, or “you’re awesome” gift…), look no further than, well, this blog post! I’m talking about the Pogo Pass!

What is the Pogo Pass? It is your ticket to all of the entertainment Phoenix has to offer. Each Pogo Pass gains the holder entry to Diamondbacks games, the Phoenix Zoo, the Arizona Sea Life Aquarium, museums, theatres, rock gyms, and more! Well, just see this flyer:


The Pogo Pass lasts for 1 year from the date of purchase, and gets you in to all of these cool places. With my promo code “ShapeUp,” each pass is only $39.98, so that’s a value of $1500, a selling price of $100, and you get it for only $39.98! And I get a small commission if you use my coupon code, so we all win!

Let’s do some quick math. Admission to the Phoenix Zoo is $20 for an adult. Two visits would be $40. Your Pogo Pass gets you two visits to the Phoenix Zoo for the same amount, PLUS two Diamondback games, PLUS two visits to Sea Life, PLUS all of the other places!

Sounds like a good deal to me.


See the FAQs on the Pogo Pass website for answers to any questions you may have.

This could be the summer you “do it all!”

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