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Play, Stow & Go: Compact Toys for Kids

by Megan

When I attended Mom 2.0 last month, I had the chance to preview Playskool’s new “Play, Stow, and Go” toy line. What a smart idea for toys- they open up or expand in various ways for kids to play with them, and when they are done, they fold or close up into a compact size, perfect for traveling or storing!

Playskool Play Stow and Go Toys

Well it just so happened that I had a little guy with a birthday coming up, so Playskool sent us some of their new toys to try out!

I have to say this… at first, I thought the toys might be too basic for my two-year-old, but not only does he love them- his older brother and sister spent plenty of time playing with them as well!

The “Roll ‘N Gears Car” was a huge hit. Harry needed a bit of help to open the car up, but all of the kids had fun rearranging and stacking the gears.



This is a solid, high-quality toy that will last probably forever. Personally, I enjoyed playing with it too! The gears can be swapped around, and they are made to be stacked too. When two or more gears are connected, you can move them all by moving just one. And when it’s folded shut, it can be played with as a car, with the gears acting as wheels.


The kids also had fun with the “Stack ‘N Stow Cups” which, when nestled, look like a lion with a colorful mane, and can clip right onto Mom’s purse!

When the cups are taken out, they can be turned upside down and stacked.


Because of their portability, quality, and entertainment elements, both of the “Play, Stow, and Go” toys are perfect to bring in the car or restaurant to entertain the kids (and maybe the parents too!).

Knowing that Harrison was a huge Elmo fan, Playskool made sure to send him “Elmo’s On The Go Letters” as well!


This toy is recommended for ages 2-4, and I couldn’t agree more! Harrison just turned 2, and he understands how the toy works, but doesn’t always get the right letter in the right space. Vanessa, who is four, knows all of her letters, and this helps reinforce them for her. She loved showing Harry where all the letters were supposed to go.


I love toys that reinforce learning, and Harry will be identifying his letters in no time! It’s also a great portable toy- just fold it up and carry it with you! And Moms, you’ll love this- the letters click into place, so they don’t spill out when the case is closed!

Lastly, because Vanessa is into My Little Pony, she received a Play-doh set, with two ponies and four little cups of Play-doh.


One pony is a stamper and one is a roller. When I finally let them open up the set, Vanessa and Carter played with it for three hours, no joke!


When I was browsing the Playskool line of products, I was amazed to realize how many of their toys we already had in our home, and how well they have lasted through almost a decade of regular use!

We will definitely continue to support the Playskool brand, as they have provided countless hours of play time and learning fun for my kids, and what else could you ask for?

What are your kids’ favorite toys? Do they play with the same things you had as a child?

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