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PJ Night and Kids Eat Free at Denny’s

by Megan

It’s summer, so we are all looking for creative ways to keep the kids entertained and busy during these long days. One day last week we had some meetings that ended up pushing dinner time back further and further, so at 8pm we decided to put the kids in their PJs and have a late night dinner at Denny’s!

Kids Eat Free at Denny's, on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Phoenix (and maybe where you live too)! We took our kiddos for a late night dinner in their PJs!

I’m a brand ambassador for Denny’s, and as such, I am compensated for my posts featuring news and promotions from Denny’s. There’s no hiding the enthusiasm the whole family has for the restaurant!

Kids Eat Free at Denny's

Yep, we were that family. But the kids looked cute in their PJs, and by 8pm, the dinner crowd had already eaten, and the late-nighters hadn’t quite arrived yet. We even ended up being served by one of my husband’s students, Nadia, who was patient with our rambunctious kids and photography needs…

Nadia and Harry

The kids are always excited to go to Denny’s because they love the Kids Menu. There are lots of choices for meals and sides (including breakfast all day), and they love looking at the pictures and pointing out what they want to eat.

Coloring Denny's Kids Menu

And Mom and Dad love it too because here in Phoenix, Tuesdays and Thursdays are Kids Eat Free nights! With the purchase of one adult entree, up to two kids’ meals are free. So we get our favorites from the menu, and all of our little ones (even #4, when she decides to show up) eat for free! That’s a major savings right there.

Kids menu
Click menu to see it larger

It’s not always fun to dine out with kids, but the Denny’s Kids Menu always has lot of activities to keep them busy, and the servers will often bring their sides within minutes so they can start eating.

We had a late night feast that night! My husband’s usual order always includes a heaping plate of their nachos, and this time he included some delicious onion rings, and I can never resist breakfast! I love me some French toast!

Late Night Breakfast at Denny's

You don’t have to be terribly creative to keep the kids entertained over the summer. Something as simple as putting them in PJs and taking them out for a late night dinner will excite them, and they’ll remember it for years to come!

What are your favorite ways to have fun with the kids over the summer?

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