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Pier Fries and Alex’s Pizza

by Megan

My mom and I are going to Maine for a week, two weeks from Wednesday, to show off the baby to my relatives. I moved to Arizona from Maine three years ago, (my parents and sister moved out here this summer) and every time I go back to visit there are two things I absolutely must have: pier fries and Alex’s Pizza!!!

I grew up in a town called Old Orchard Beach, right on the coast, and it is a major tourist town in the summers. The downtown area by the beach has a theme park, a lot of shops, and a pier. There is a stand that sells only fries…pier fries, and they are the greatest food in the world. They are thick, crinkle-cut fries, and the only way to eat them is completely doused in vinegar and salt. Apparently the use of vinegar on french fries is a Maine thing (if I eat salt and vinegar chips, my husband refuses to kiss me), but I love them and can’t wait to get some in a few weeks! I’m lucky that tourists will be around for the changing leaves, because the stand will close for the winter soon after our visit.

Alex’s Pizza (actually Pizza by Alex, but we’ve always called it Alex’s Pizza, and everyone else I know in Maine calls it that as well), is a small, locally-owned pizza place in Biddeford, Maine that is well-known for its amazing, unique pizza. The pizza is cooked in a brick oven, and they only come in one smallish size. The taste is unlike any other pizza place and is a Maine must-have. Daniel has only had it a handful of times, and it is his all-time favorite pizza.

So although I am trying to watch what I eat, I WILL be indulging in these treats in Maine! I will not be visiting very often anymore, so I’m going to take advantage of this trip and enjoy myself!

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