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Phoenix Pogo Pass Giveaway

by Megan

Today I’m excited to give away two Pogo Passes! If you live in the Phoenix area, you’ll definitely want to enter to win!

What is the Pogo Pass? It is your ticket to all of the entertainment Phoenix has to offer. Each Pogo Pass gains the holder entry to Diamondbacks games, the Phoenix Zoo, the Arizona Sea Life Aquarium, museums, theaters, rock gyms, and more! Well, just see this flyer:


The Pogo Pass lasts for 1 year from the date of purchase, and gets you in to all of these cool places. You need one pass for every person who will be visiting the attractions, but the discounts provided by the Pogo Pass make it well worth the cost.

All of the links in this post are my unique Pogo Pass link which will give you 60% off the price of each Pogo Pass you purchase, bringing the cost down to $39.98. If you want to pass this deal along via word-of-mouth, the promo code “ShapeUp” will give the same discount!


Let’s do some quick math. Admission to the Phoenix Zoo is $20 for an adult. Two visits would be $40. Your Pogo Pass gets you two visits to the Phoenix Zoo for the same amount, PLUS two Diamondback games, PLUS two visits to Sea Life, PLUS all of the other places!

But today someone is going to get extra lucky (wink wink) and win TWO Pogo Passes! Enter below to win, and good luck! Anyone can win, but remember that the Pogo Pass is only for Phoenix-area attractions.

Check out the Pogo Pass Facebook page and Pogo Pass Twitter feed for all the latest updates!


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