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15 “Old School” Outside Activities For Kids

by Megan

This post is sponsored by Campbell Soup Company.

In honor of American Heart Month, today I am sharing 15 “old-school” outside activities for kids. Kids these days (#thingsoldpeoplesay) have so much technology at their fingertips, and I know my own kids could spend all day lying around in bed with an iPad.

15 Outside Activities For Kids

We are lucky to have a good-sized backyard where our kids love to play. It’s nothing fancy, but it doesn’t require anything fancy for kids to have a good time outside- just a few items and a lot of imagination! And bonus- it gets Mom off her computer and outside, too!

15 Outside Activities For Kids

There is nothing groundbreaking on this list. Just good old-fashioned ideas for playing outside that kids have done for years. Choose a couple of these activities each week, and not only will you be getting exercise and fresh air alongside your kiddos, you’ll be creating happy memories that they will remember forever!


1. Swing set– They range in price from very expensive to very affordable, and even with the most inexpensive sets, kids will use these for far more than just swinging or sliding. Carter likes to pretend he owns a theme park (Carter Land, of course), and he gives his little sister tickets for all the rides!

2. Bubbles– Always a hit!

3. Sidewalk Chalk

4. Mother, May I?

5. Balls– any kind!


6. Jump rope

7. Red Light, Green Light

8. Playing “house”– Kids love to play act what they see grown-ups doing, especially cooking and taking care of a baby…or in Harry’s case, Elmo!


9. Collect leaves for an art project

10. Bikes– or scooters, or skates, or anything with wheels!


11. Sprinkler– for the warmer months!

12. Plates, cups, and fake food– My kids like to sneak their dishes outside, so I recommend getting a set specifically for backyard use!


13. What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

14. Tag– Regular Tag, Freeze Tag, Spider Tag, Glob Tag, or whatever kind of Tag your kids love!

15. Fruit picking– You might have to leave your house for this one, but it’s a fun activity for all ages!


It’s so important for kids to get outside in the fresh air and move their bodies. Campbell Soup Company knows the importance of being heart-healthy, and this month they are partnering with the American Heart Association for the Address Your Heart with Campbell’s Pinterest sweepstakes. They are giving out daily prizes during February, to encourage making small, daily, heart-healthy lifestyle choices. The prizes total over $100 each and range from bakeware for cooking heart-healthy meals, to a grand prize of a trip for two to the Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson!


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Does your family have a special way to stay healthy and active together? Whatever your activity of choice, make February your month to get heart-healthy!

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