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"Oprah, you’re my ‘hoprah!’"

by Megan

I’m going to get on a bit of a high horse for a moment.

I think we could all use a little bit of a grammar lesson. Here are some of the things that set me off:

1. Definitely

Yes, that is how the word is spelled. Not “definately,” not “definatly,” not “definitly,” or any other way you can come up with other than “definitely.” Get it right.

2. Megan and me

So many people say “…and I” when it is incorrect. If someone’s name and yours are the object of a preposition (or USUALLY when the names are at the end of a sentence), the correct thing to say is “Megan and me.” There’s a VERY easy way to figure out whether you need to say “I” or “me.” Whichever you would use when you take away the other person’s name is what you use.For example: “This is a picture of Megan and me.” You would not say, “This is a picture of I.” You would say, “This is a picture of me.” SO, you would also say, “This is a picture of Megan and me,” NOT, “This is a picture of Megan and I.”

3. Megan and I’s

Going along with number two, when you are speaking of a possession that belongs to both you and someone else, it is never correct to use the term “I’s.” The possessive form of “I” or “me” is “my” or “mine.” So if you’re trying to say, “our room,” you’d say, “Megan’s and my room,” or “The room was Megan’s and mine.” Say “I’s” around me, and you’ll see a definite (note the spelling) clenching of the jaw. I’m one step away from beating you with my makeup remover box (“common sense!”

4. You’re and your

One is possessive (your), the other is a conjunction of the two words, “you” and “are.” This should be easy to figure out. If you can substitute the words “you are,” then you should be using “you’re.” Same thing with “its” and “it’s” – “Its” is possessive and should be followed by a noun. If you can substitute the words “it is,” then you need the apostrophe, if not, you don’t.

I’m sure now everyone will be taking a special look at my personal grammar… I do not claim to never make any mistakes myself- but I’m hoping to clear up some grammatical ignorance. This is not directed toward anyone in particular! So if you commented on my blog and made one of these mistakes- I’m not attacking you! I didn’t go back to check.

I recommend the book, “Eats, Shoots and Leaves,” by Lynne Truss.

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