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Oops, I Did It Again {& goals}

by Megan

So remember how excited I was to finally wrap up my three months of long-term subbing at the high school? Well, another opportunity has come up for me to long-term sub again, and I took it! This assignment is 7 weeks long, with one day off, so 34 school days, and it starts March 18th. By the end of this assignment, I’ll have worked almost half the school year! Oh, and this time, I’m teaching BIOLOGY!

Deep breath. I am very grateful for the opportunity to make some extra money, because we can certainly use it, and because this will be my last chance to do something like this for a long time. I’ll be teaching during weeks 25-32 of my pregnancy, and then school will be out just a few weeks after that.
I’m glad I had February off, and I was just starting to feel like I was getting everything back in order and into a routine, and now I’m going to go off and do this again! Even more stressful is the fact that we’ll have to get our kids up and out several mornings a week, so they can be watched at a friend’s house (but again, grateful to have friends we trust with our children!).
So here is hoping that the month of April (and the last two weeks of March) go by quickly and smoothly! Then I think I’ll have just enough time to get things back on track again before baby arrives! And before any working moms call me spoiled, let me just point out that I do have a part-time job that I will continue to work while I add on the temporary full-time job! #alsotwokids #alsopregnant
Let’s talk about some goals, shall we?
I completely missed posting about goals in February. I was in the midst of Resolutions In Motion (which was, ironically, all about goals), and I just forgot!
In January I posted about my goal for 2013, which is to focus on my 30 Before 30 list and try to cross as many things off as I can. Since then I haven’t crossed anything off, so I need to work a little harder this month!
March goals:
1. finish reading Jesus The Christ
This has been on my to do list for approximately forever, and it is a very long, kind of dry, book. I’m something like 100-150 pages from the end, so I’m plugging away!
2. hit 1200 GFC followers
It was going to be my goal to hit 1000 in March, but I just happened to participate in some really popular giveaways, so I got there in February! Now that I have some momentum going, I thought I’d think big and go for 1200!
3. get prepared to teach
Get my house in decent order for me to not be around very much, get a plan in place for getting ready quickly in the morning, etc.
4. secret goal :)
I have two weeks before I start teaching. This week I’m mostly at home watching kids and getting our house in order, and then on Friday we leave for California for a show choir competition! We’ll get back on Sunday evening, and then it’s spring break next week.
I hope everyone has a wonderful March! What are your goals for this month?
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Carla Bonesteel March 5, 2013 - 6:42pm

Good luck on your goals…I have a very hard time setting and meeting them for myself.

Emily Hampton March 6, 2013 - 4:27pm

Those are some great goals! New follower here.. absolutely love your blog! :)


Megan Colwell March 7, 2013 - 2:56pm

Nice to meet a fellow Megan! Hey there :) I found you through the goal blog hop. Isn’t it awesome. And I think I love you even more for including Mr. Tyson in this post. He is one on my mentors :)

The Nautical Owl

Ari T March 9, 2013 - 1:06am

That’s a great opportunity! My mom used to substitute before she became a full on-site tutor and she really enjoyed the experience. Seven weeks is quite a big job! Good luck!

Dealsfan32 March 12, 2013 - 10:34pm

Congratulations and good luck on you new job!